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plausible but misleading


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No doubt modern civilization, like all reactions, has a tendency to run to the opposite extreme, and, in its turn, to undervalue the ascetic, the mystic, the personal culture hitherto predominant in the Christian world; no doubt it tends to be exclusive, and, therefore, sophistical, but this is a point to be guarded against, for all exclusiveness is opposed to truth, since all truth is catholic.
I do this by surveying the major ambitions of the Literary Revolution through a Sophistical lens to see how each worked toward the overall goal of a future that would find stability in contending ideas and continual change.
It is the education which gives a man a clear conscious view of his own opinions and judgments, a truth in developing them, an eloquence in expressing them, and a force in urging them It teaches him to see things as they are, to go right to the point, to disentangle a skein of thought, to detect what is sophistical, and to discard what is irrelevant.
Researchers used sophistical statistical methods to determine the impact of the three CD4 count measures 6 months and 12 months after the measure was made.
Sophistical type of questions and inquiries having no value to that great revolution which people considered a treasure added to the stockpiled of the revolutionary struggle of the Sudanese people.
Art undoes itself through a sophistical procedure of contradiction, not analogia but antilogia.
The point relevant here is that the investment of humanistic perspective in the order of things was achieved out of a kind of spatialization of reasoning, not only in the sense that the sophists have been deemed to inaugurate koinds topos and to be the forefathers of rhetorical topics, but also because the sophistical perception of the possible inherence of oppositional viewpoints in the same matter of course--laid down in their in utramque partem principle--was couched by dint of foregrounding the space in its semantic terms, that is, they discerned the spatialization of meaningfulness to be a source for their relativistic interpretation of the world.
Professor Dutton emphasizes the sophisticated--indeed, sophistical --strategy the Chinese have pursued in the international legal arena, so far with some apparent success.
The Meno illustrates two competing philosophies of education as it invites students and teachers to reject traditional sophistical education and embrace a progressive Socratic education.
Pickard-Cambridge: It is, too, altogether absurd to discuss Refutation without first discussing Proof: for a refutation is a proof" (Parte 10, On Sophistical Refutations, Aristotle, 350 B.
But no congressional vote about Syria can damage the presidency as much as Obama has done by overreaching, and by sophistical rhetoric that refutes his appeals for unconditional trust.
To Erasmus's protestations for the reasonableness of free will, Luther attacks with reductio ad absurdum, pointing out contradictions in Erasmus's ostensibly sophistical distinctions.
This availability of the sophistical equipment and experience qualified SQUH to perform such sophisticated operations.
32) I take it that by 'ordinary beliefs' here, Aristotle means something like the 'common things' (koina) he discusses in Sophistical Refutations 11; such 'common things' are known by everyone --even by non-scientists.
Though agricultural biotechnology companies such as Monsanto have enabled the vital production of greater yields of high-quality crops, allowing for cheaper and more widely available food, Marder seeks to curtail these life-promoting values through a sophistical argument for "plant rights.