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Synonyms for sophistic

containing fundamental errors in reasoning

Synonyms for sophistic

plausible but misleading


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Hu Shi's Literary Revolution: Reform with Sophistic Characteristics.
Needless to say, there are numerous Second Sophistic parallels for Philostratus's (meta-)ekphrastic games.
This is a sophistic exercise since a departure from the standard understanding is involved.
of Windsor, Canada) contributes to the rather recent rehabilitation of Sophists, who had a bad reputation since Plato, by examining the methods of sophistic argument as Sophists have used it in their own writings, as it has influenced other schools of philosophy, and as depicted by its critics.
This classicizing approach is a popular topic of modern research into Lucian's epoch--the so-called Second Sophistic, which saw a great revival of rhetorical and philosophical education modeled on that of the classical period of Greek culture--and Swain's article summarizes the approaches usually taken on this topic, while adding thought-provoking discussion of the interaction of Greek and non-Greek culture that is preserved in Lucian's works.
Homer features in several other speeches by Dio, (1) as he does in the work of most authors of the Second Sophistic.
Claiming that "the tradition of learned men using their positions and rhetorical skill to communicate with common people had its roots in a long past," Maxwell examines Second Sophistic philosophers as precedents for fourth-century Christian preachers.
Starting this section is Augusto Rostagni's essay "A New Chapter in the History of Rhetoric and Sophistry," which uncovers the Sophistic tradition of kairos and its relation to ancient thought.
Sophistic, Spectrality, Iconoclasm', by Rita Copeland, shows that, contrary to received thinking, ancient sophistic haunted the Middle Ages in unrecognized ways, and that it helped to structure late medieval ideas of iconoclasm.
This interest is particularly noteworthy because it involves a determination to consider the Sophists on their own terms rather than through Plato's eyes, as had been customary in most 19th and early 20th-century sophistic studies.
As the co-author, with Nicholas Katzenbach, of The Political Foundations of International Law, perhaps the best-known book on this subject, I know that Jennings does not have the background or sophistication to probe the differences between international and domestic societies that might have caused problems for the sophistic views of the demonstrators.
They could be received as an introduction to, and practical exercises in a more sophistic understanding of the relation between language and reality, and in a rhetorical vein, of the paradox that tells us that language and reality are totally separate entities, and yet indissoluble united; that we are masters of the paradox since it's up to us to choose the language by which we construct our reality.
At best this is a sophistic obfuscation; at worst it is a derogation of Jews, which goes far beyond legitimate criticisms of Israel and of Jewish organizations.
Or at least, Gazza has found a new maturity which has left the Mars Bars of his puberty behind, as he now concentrates on the more sophistic ated palate required to tackle a late-night kebab.
In it, Socrates finds Prodicus lazily abed, wrapped in numerous rugs and blankets and babbling Sophistic nonsense.