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Synonyms for sooty

of the darkest achromatic visual value

Synonyms for sooty

of the blackest black

covered with or as if with soot

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Thanks to the telemetry data from those birds, combined with sightings of banded Tortugas birds in other locations, Huang has started to piece together a picture of the routes sooty terns take to their wintering area.
And Inspector Wilson added: "The best part of my job is getting a happy ending after I have put so much effort into rescuing an animal and Sooty seems like a lovely cat.
What Sooty needed was an anaesthetic, a narrow plastic tube and lots of warm, soapy water - colonic irrigation.
But Sooty has genuinely brought magic to children over 70 years.
Sooty creator Harry Corbett wanted to launch a female puppet on the famous children's TV show in the 1960s.
He says Sooty producer Trevor Hill dismissed the idea of Soo "on the grounds of sex creeping into children's programmes".
Sooty creator Harry Corbett first wanted a female puppet in the 1960s.
Matthew Corbett, the son of the Sooty creator who took over from his father in 1976, said: "Greene ruled that Sooty having a female friend "was to be allowed - but they must never touch".
Most ecological studies on Sooty Owls have been conducted within tall forests within close proximity of either rainforest, damp or wet forests (Milledge 1994; Kavanagh 1997; Bilney et al.
Our favourite TV teddy bear has helped RNIB, the UK's leading sight loss charity, to raise money since the 1960s and, during June, for the first time ever, specially made Sooty badges will be available.
Michael, 42, who lives in Chelmsley Wood with 43-year-old husband Michael Hazlett, has been a fan of Sooty and Sweep ever since he was a child.
Sooty was originally devised by Harry Corbett, the nephew of Guiseley fish and chip shop chain owner Harry Ramsden, who bought the puppet as a present for his son, Matthew Corbett, from a stall when he was on holiday in Blackpool in 1948.
SOOTY plays two shows at the Artrix, at 11am and 2.
Harry Corbett and Sooty appeared in 1952 in BBC TV's Talent Night with Sweep joining the team in 1957 followed by Sooty's panda girlfriend Soo.
London, June 28 (ANI): Scientists have finally identified the secret that helps Sooty mangabeys, a type of African monkey, survive infection by SIV, a relative of HIV, and not succumb to AIDS.