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30pm: 4-11 Winetavern Sooth, 7-2 Temptress Belle, 6 Lislevane Kandee, 10 Zatopek Foo, 25 Forever Sonja, 33 Sallys Darling.
The Body Shop Camomile Reviving Eye Mask, pounds 7 for 30ml This has camomile to sooth tired eyes and witch hazel to reduce under-eye puffiness.
Sufferers looking for a natural remedy to keep them off the sickbed could try Honey with Fennel Syrup, which is claimed to sooth and protect the throat and loosen mucous.
It comprises lavender oil to ease tension after the flight, peppermint to sooth sore and tired feet, and citronella to keep away insects, plus a sweet almond pure massage oil.
Beautiful facility built to sooth and relax the client from the moment they step into spa.
medical affairs at Bayer, noted that the "hydraSense children's daily nasal care line provides a portfolio of gentle drug-free products for parents to sooth their child's nasal passages, with ingredients that are naturally sourced.
Tenders are invited for Improvement of UGD facilities from Lashkar Mohalla Sawday road Sooth cross to 18th west cross Ashoka road and Pulikeshi cross road and sawday road cconservency lane, ward no.
The product uses a proprietary hydro-gel technology designed to sooth aggravated nerves, according to the company.
SOOTH insect bites and nettle stings by rubbing them with lemon balm leaves.
SRINAGAR -- Welcoming the OIC General Secretary's statement regarding the grim situation in Kashmir, Hurriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani said that OIC has rightly acknowledged the universally accepted fact about the disputed nature of Jammu and Kashmir and added that only resolutions and press briefings can't sooth our wounds.
99), which combines rosewood, bergamot and lemongrass to provide an instant jolt of energy and sooth any scaly skin.
Moreover, watermelon assists decrease blood pressure, has de-oxidizing properties, fights infection, facilitates your body heal faster, can aid in weight management, and is a comfort meal that may sooth tension and stress.
Military officials tried to sooth mother Binaver Ecelik and father GE-ngE[micro]r Ecelik.
On its list of new treatments is the resort's signature Volcano Black Moor Mud Back Treatment, which uses a combination of hands-on therapy, hot stones and rejuvenating techniques to sooth aches and pains.