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Synonyms for soot-black

of the black color of soot


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Yes, I have had those dreams: Hitler, in the shape of a polar bear, lumbering out of the darkness Fur, coarse and yellow, soot-black skin, blue tongue, teeth the size of fingers.
How fitting that your clock Has long ceased marking time, For, at your soot-black foot, Where you're glimpsed through swaying vine
Page after page of soot-black comedy from a supposedly bereaved mother is another.
Resetting the Parisian saga in 1957, Catherine Martin's monochromactic production design--its significant splashes of color limited to the celebratory second act--arrives at a soot-black, celluloid-silver and pervasively gray milieu that's closer in spirit to a cross between the foggy wartime London town of "Brief Encounter" and the rough vigor of late '40s Italian neorealism, with perhaps a smidge of Edward Gorey thrown in.
Worktables held the tools of the trade: small piles of gold leaf, brushes to apply it, blunt hematite burnishers to polish it, jars filled with quills, bottles of soot-black ink, small tins of brilliant hues.
The corps' pretty pastel-pink and silver brocades and Odette's snowy white feathers gave Swan Lake's first act an elegant candy coating, while Rothbart's venomous green and soot-black cape was the perfect foil for Odile's saucy headdress, its feather cocked to one side like a question mark as Mashkina whipped out her fouettes, each flick of the leg as sharp, swift and sure of Siegfried, with a glower worthy of Cruella de Vil.