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Synonyms for soot

a black colloidal substance consisting wholly or principally of amorphous carbon and used to make pigments and ink

coat with soot

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areas high in soot are the Takoma-Seattle region in Washington and an area overlapping Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.
In practice, some of the formed soot avoids oxidation when passing through the turbulent reaction layer.
The methodology comprises of the combined use of different state-of-the-art approaches originating from turbulent reacting flow modeling, soot chemistry and aerosol science
Firefighters responding to structure fires are exposed not only to potentially carcinogenic soot but lead contaminants coming from household furnishings, carpets and appliances, exposure of gunshot residue as well as lack of proper decontamination.
Awful Auntie sees Matilda crossed with Casper Meets Wendy, as Stella and Soot take on her villainous aunt using wits and determination.
Residents in these areas began to complain of black dust or soot staining their clothes or settling on their packed cars overnight.
In-cylinder soot observations and exhaust soot measurements were completed for various operating parameters including injection timings, split injection conditions, piston temperatures, and wall thermal gradients.
To acquire in situ information about soot, laser-induced incandescence (LII) is often used to measure soot volume fractions and sizes of primary particles.
Generally, there are three categories of methods to simulate the general aerosol dynamics (including soot), that is, the direct discretization method (e.g., section method [5]), method of moments (interpolative [6], quadrature/direct quadrature [7-9], Taylor expansion [10, 11], etc.), and stochastic method (also called the Monte Carlo method) [12].
Soot is a strong, light-absorbing aerosol that caused global climate changes that triggered the mass extinction of dinosaurs, ammonites, and other animals, and led to the macroevolution of mammals and the appearance of humans.
The researchers analyzed "temperature anomalies caused by various amounts of soot injected into the stratosphere" to test Kaiho's hypothesis that the amount of sedimentary organic matter at the impact site had a role to play in the impact's effect on global climate change.
In fact, the preserved birds that had lived during the beginning of the Industrial Revolution were covered with the most soot. Over time, the use of coal increased and decreased based on current issues, and the amount of soot on the birds rose and fell as well.
However, particulate matter and soot formation is increased by this same mechanism causing a trade-off between PM and N[O.sub.x] emissions [4].
The combustion would have spewed soot and sulphur into the stratosphere in sufficient quantities to blot out the sun and change the climate, setting into motion the collapse of entire ecosystems and the extinction of three-quarters of all species on Earth.
PM sensor designs are typically either an accumulating style sensor (in which soot accumulates on an internal pair of electrodes) or are based on measuring the flow of charged particles.