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Synonyms for sonorousness

having the character of a loud deep sound

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Sub-elements and common terms and instructional terminology may include: balance, monophonic, homophonic, polyphonic, heterophonic, contrapuntal, density (thick, thin, transparent, dark, light), strata, orchestration, collage, chamber, solo/soli, tutti, divisi, ornamentation, resonance, reverberance, sonorousness, fibre, distortion effects.
Urbanova here confirms that she belongs to it by the firm sonorousness and colour palette of her voice and its great range of dynamics, in which the places where she rises from the middle registers in forte into subtle high registers that she then develops are particularly ravishing.
Romola Garai, as Cordelia, for example, delivered some of her lines at such a high pitch that audience members could not help but wince, and at the other end of the spectrum Jonathan Hyde as Kent delivered his lines with such sonorousness that he seemed to have been born long after the theatrical era in which he would have been most at home.
Halfway along the route, the tailor tripped on his shoestrings and hit his head on a public fountain with unfortunate consequences for both his nose and the sonorousness of the Melody Club, which suffered from the absence of the double bassist for two Sundays and a mid-week party.
The alliterative pattern of the closing stanzas again contrasts sonorousness and stridency.
The guiro lent a criollo sonorousness, and the Cuban timbal or paila offered additional percussion.
Such grim and comfortless sensations would make for painful reading, no doubt, were it not for the excellence of the prose, which even in translation (by the poet Michael Hulse, though with some help, surely, from Sebald) rises to a pitch of antique sonorousness, even majesty, that makes almost everything else we read seem small and charges the most unremarkable of scenes with the imminence of something larger.
As the Spanish sonorousness of this pastoral idyll turns into the delicate quality of the French version, there is no doubt that the work was a labour of love for Anne Cayuela.