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in a sonorous manner


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The consecrated time came round, although his poetry stays sonorously in mind.
We are here," he sonorously informed his audience, "in a place steeped in history and emotion.
If his long pauses were far from pregnant, when he did speak, or rather read dutifully and sonorously from what his speechwriters wrote for him, you could never accuse him of being excessively emotional, let alone suitably melodramatic even in most stressful of situations.
both these men were asleep, snoring sonorously, in ridiculous pose, sprawling across the land office steps.
Local worthies sonorously discussing the legal dangers of allowing a toy soldier to patrol the promenade.
Further, the impression is sonorously accentuated in verse 13, in which the "blancheur sanglotante des lys" mirrors the rose's "sang farouche" (my emphasis) through alliterative effects (the sounds /sang/ and /ch/ in verse 12 become/ch/and /sang/ in verse 13), as if to mark a dynamic interplay between rose's wild red blood and the lilies' chaste candor.
Stuntmensch loved telling the Oppenheimer story; loved talking about the man who famously described himself as Brahmanically "becoming" Death; loved thinking of Oppenheimer lying there under the stage with the other make-believe corpses (Mike Michnoviicz, Deke Parsons, Herb Lehr, Ed Teller, Izzy Rabi, Lou Hempelmann, Ric Fermi), everyone pretending to be dead till the big reveal, Opp'y sonorously reciting Donne in that dank crawlspace, Ed Teller trying so hard not to giggle: "That I may rise, and stand, o'erthrow mee,'and bend / Your force, to breake, blowe, burn and make me new .
On Tuesday night, Brokaw made an imposing Abraham Lincoln, standing at the front of the Silva Concert Hall stage at a lectern next to conductor Danail Rachev and sonorously intoning words from the Gettysburg Address and from other Lincoln documents.
When parliamentary proceedings were broadcast on radio for the first time in 1978 his voice - sonorously declaiming "Order
The other leads include Bruce Merlin as a sonorously pompous and venal Pooh-Bah, Celia Poole as the vengeful Katisha - handling some of the most demanding musical material - and Gerald Tinson, a charismatic presence as the Mikado.
Brandon Shimoda's collection The Alps is the first single-author volume for Flim Forum (editors Adam Golaski and Matthew Klane), which appeared on the Am-Po scene with the sonorously titled anthology of contemporary poetry Oh One Arrow (2007), soon followed by A Sing Economy (2008).
As Ribeiro sonorously informs us: "For in singing I am fado/my soul returns to me/As a river comes to the sea".
Andre Malraux, already the noted author of two novels--his La Condition humaine (Man's Fate) also appeared in 1933--wrote a remarkable preface to the novel, recognizing, before Sartre, that Faulkner's power rested not on psychology, but on the sense of the "irremediable" and on "fascination," concluding brilliantly, and somewhat sonorously, that "Sanctuary is the intrusion of Greek tragedy into the detective novel.
Fans of Wagner may be disappointed that they are given only the overture and one Hans Sach soliloquy from Die Meistersinger, but at least they can enjoy the latter as sonorously voiced by Welsh bass baritone Bryn Terfel.