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Synonyms for sonorous

Synonyms for sonorous

having or producing a full, deep, or rich sound

Synonyms for sonorous

full and loud and deep


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The late anchor's colleagues elaborated on his attributes, praising his sonorous voice, affable character and rich contribution to the Syrian media and journalism.
A new group with a sonorous name AvtoChMO (AutoSchnook) appeared on Facebook.
com)-- Following on the heels of its first release in the Gospel Roots series, Sonorous Entertainment is proud to announce the digital release of “Gospel Roots” featuring Shirley Caesar to the international music market.
50 The Scottish female singer-songwriter is noted for her rich, sonorous voice and songs which have been the backdrops to lives.
The last-named is particularly impressive, McCawley both nimble and sonorous in this magnificent compendium of musical styles and textures ranging from Bach to Mendelssohn.
In the 1970s, '80s and '90s, his kindly face and sonorous voice were part of the shared experience of living in the Boston area.
They found that the marsupials possess an extra set of vocal flaps outside of the voice box that can make sonorous sounds, the researchers write in the Dec.
Ain Anger sang and acted commandingly as Ramfis, while company returnees Scott Hendricks and Canadian Robert Gleadow contributed a fierce Amonasro and sonorous King of Egypt.
Droysen (1808-84) wrote in a sonorous style, but the biography is difficult to read because of its philosophical density, historical detail, and hypostactic style.
With boyish good looks, a sonorous yet soulful style of singing and attitude of a rock star, Atif has a massive draw with youngsters and elders across the subcontinent and the world.
In Philosophy of Modern Music, Adorno suggests that new technologies permit sonorous material to free itself from the constraints within which the musical tradition of the West has been holding it captive.
The innovating feature of AT products consists in generating sounds or sonorous proper messages of the letters, the words and the graphic signs in protrusive form from the Braille books, with finger palpation by the sightless persons.
The perfectly blended voices of Didier Rochard and Suzanne Lambert offer echoes of Simon and Garfunkel, Damien Rice and Nick Drake Sonorous strings recall Darling Violetta, evocatively complementing the vocals in this must-hear, life enhancing music for anyone who needs their soul soothed, and a fresh breeze to blow though a tired mind.
Shaan as usual lived up to his reputation by delivering an impressive session in his sonorous voice.
But from the very beginning of the Berlioz - with some well disciplined, sonorous and suitably eerie string playing - it was obvious that we were in for a highly satisfying musical experience.