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having the character of a loud deep sound

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As a consequence, each chapter is able to stand alone, though when read together the structure of the book progresses from the legacy of Debussy, through the construction of the composer's image in the press, to a brief musical assessment of the period, with an emphasis not on the traditional elements of rhythm, melody, and harmony, but on sonority.
This is the essential component in the syllable which constitutes the peak of sonority.
We considered three phonological aspects: length of the codas, violation of the sonority scale and the presence of inflectional morphology.
HUDDERSFIELD Choral's huge size and heavily malted sonority dictated that this had to be a Mass in B minor on the grand scale.
The projecting sonority of the reliable Toca Fiberglass Shekere is virtually indistinguishable from that of its folkloric counterpart.
In addition to the piano's evolution into an instrument whose sonority could take advantage of four-hand possibilities, we should also remember the limited social opportunities of the 19th century.
The latest in this series, by John Fought et al (2004), refines this approach by calculating a mean sonority score (MSS) instead of CV Score (proportion of CV syllables) for an utterance.
Monologue Man has become a pivotal piece in the set-list and the presence of Ben Davis on cello adds considerable texture to her pieces, imposing a dark sonority, or sometimes, an electronically-enhanced brightness that almost sounds like another horn.
The given names in our corpus were analyzed in terms of initial sonority.
John Arsenault (Tamino) exhibited a clear tone and displayed equal sonority in both low and high registers, as well as an air of princely command.
The instrument delivers the unearthly tinkling sonority you hear accompanying the ballerina in her variation in the grand pas de deux in Act II, the number popularly known as the "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.
The aim of this paper is to show that approaches to SCF in English that are dependent on particular syllabification theories and assume a direct mapping between underlying /eC/ sequences and surface syllabic consonants ([C]) cannot fully account for the distribution of syllabic consonants unless sonority constraints are allowed to play a role at a level beyond that of underlying syllabification.
The opening and closing works, both sacred in nature, made the deepest impression since both made full use of the rich, deep sonority and tone colour which have always been a feature of this choir's performance.
In 'Syllable Structure and Sonority Sequencing: Evidence from Emilian', Michele Loporcaro discusses cases such as [tstimoni] 'witness', where a word-initial consonant cluster apparently violates the normal pattern whereby consonants further from the vocalic nucleus of the syllable have a lower 'sonority' than those nearer to it.
THERE ARE POEMS, not only in French but particularly in French, which can bedazzle us with the sonority of their words and yet leave our cold sober intellects relatively untouched by whatever meaning we can glean from those same words.