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having the character of a loud deep sound

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There were some good string sonorities during the gentler passages in the Nachtmusik movement in particular, and it's not all about numbers, but I feel that if big, late romantic orchestral pieces are to be attempted, there needs to be bigger string sound, in reserve at least.
Sundowner" shows off the low sonorities of the tuba.
He generally stays close to the character of the melody by using vertical sonorities derived from the respective tropos.
This was a feature of the choral singing,as was the rich variety of tone colours and wide range of dynamics from expressive soft sonorities to blazing fortissimos.
The piece is another exercise in massed orchestral sonorities (a genre currently popular with a number of today's composers), springing from a poem by Joseph Addison.
The rest of the CD, however, contains some fascinating instrumental work with some haunting sonorities.
Hisama analyzes the structure of the voices in each sonority and compares successive sonorities using permutational theory to track which voices switch places.
Or the composer could imitate the rhyme scheme of a stanza or whole poem by setting rhyming words with identical or similar sonorities.
These groups' characteristic textures and sonorities are coloured by the speech patterns of Italian and French -- those myriad physical nuances of language which Roland Barthes referred to as the 'grain' of vocal enunciation ('le grain de la voix').
Three Dances" reveals Cage's debt to Henry Cowell in the use of "prepared" piano, a process by which the innards of the instrument are invaded by a variety of foreign objects, yielding sonorities undreamed of by Schubert.
Then, too, there is the little joke about class: Morgan's critical voice reverberates softly, but in implicit opposition to the plummy or caustic Oxbridge sonorities adopted by many of his compatriots.
I went with nothing into that green chaos of delectable sonorities.
Profoundly soothing, the work nonetheless constantly surprises with sparkling new sonorities.
The accompanying band was the Royal Northern Sinfonia, which is always so good at producing light and rhythmic baroque sonorities and it really gave a lift to the Handel.
The Serenade had been preceded by the swaying textures of Dvorak's tiny, little-known Nocturne, and the programme had begun with Grieg's endearing Holberg Suite, making us immediately aware of this ensemble's capacity to deliver, clarity, transparency (I heard here marvels in Grieg's deployment of the string orchestra I'd never noticed before) and a huge range of sonorities and dynamics.