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an instrument used to measure the sensitivity of hearing

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We used a Hologic Sahara Clinical Bone Sonometer (Bedford, Massachusetts) to determine BUA, speed of sound (SOS), and quantitative ultrasound index (QUI) in the dominant calcaneus.
And Edna Tracey played harmonic scales On a silver sonometer string.
The Pasco sonometer was used in place of a guitar so that the observed spectrum was due to the string and not vibrations in the guitar body.
Nuneaton League of Friends has handed over a sonometer to the Victoria Ward which can be used for early diagnosis of brittle bone disease.
Our equipment consisted of an extension cord, a sonometer (used to monitor noise levels), and a Sensonic 2000, which measured only carbon dioxide, oxygen and carbon monoxide.
Drugstores in Indianapolis recently offered screening with the innovative Sahara Clinical Bone Sonometer.
In the present project we are collecting basic data on bone density and examining the prevalence of low bone mass in adults over 18 using a Sahara[R] bone sonometer.
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