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an instrument used to measure the sensitivity of hearing

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The "Global Bone Sonometer Market Size, Market Share, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Growth Trends, Key Players, Competitive Strategies and Forecasts, 2019-2027" report has been added to's offering.
Previous studies using both the Sahara device and other sonometers have provided somewhat discrepant findings with both positive and negative associations reported between QUS parameters and previous smoking habits [86-90].
At the first phase of research, in order to identify and determine the sources of noise pollution in each of the factories located in industrial complex, No.2, Ahwaz, a field observation was made by accompanying with an expert team (including top safety supervisor, security supervisor, industrial health expert) and before doing any practical activity, we calibrated the Sonometer apparatus.
Bone mass was obtained in the form of SOS T score with Sunlight Omnisense 7000S Ultrasound Bone Sonometer which measures SOS at distal 1/3 radius and midshaft tibia [20].
--Testing the mineral bone density, by means of a medical device--Sahara Clinical Bone Sonometer. Ultrasound bone sonometry is a safe, radiation-free modality that provides precise quantitative assessment of skeletal status, useful in identifying patients at risk of developing osteoporosis and for assessing their risk of future fracture.
We used a Hologic Sahara Clinical Bone Sonometer (Bedford, Massachusetts) to determine BUA, speed of sound (SOS), and quantitative ultrasound index (QUI) in the dominant calcaneus.
BMD was determined using ultrasound technology (Sahara Clinical Bone Sonometer).
And Edna Tracey played harmonic scales On a silver sonometer string.
The Pasco sonometer was used in place of a guitar so that the observed spectrum was due to the string and not vibrations in the guitar body.
Nuneaton League of Friends has handed over a sonometer to the Victoria Ward which can be used for early diagnosis of brittle bone disease.
Our equipment consisted of an extension cord, a sonometer (used to monitor noise levels), and a Sensonic 2000, which measured only carbon dioxide, oxygen and carbon monoxide.
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