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using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram)

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In some cases, a supposed endometrioma lacks a black, sonolucent appearance, but "the clinician often can tell that it's a cystic structure by the very bright posterior wall--what we call posterior wall acoustic enhancement--even though the interior of the structure may appear sort of grayish or whitish rather than the pure black of a simple cyst.
An Intraoperative ultrasound scan showed a large space-occupying lesion containing fluid sonolucent area, suggesting hemangioma.
Anatomy that is not very dense lacks echoes and is called sonolucent. Because blood in a vessel is not very dense, it appears black or sonolucent on the screen.
Scoring system for adnexal masses (35) Score Capsule Septa Papillarities Echogenicity 1 < 3mm Absent Absent Sonolucent 2 > 3mm Thin <3 mm Low 3 Thick > 3mm 4 Irregular, < 3mm With echogenic solid areas 5 Irregular > 3mm Nonhomogeneus solid Javier Noriega Rangel, MD*
At 5 weeks of pregnancy one should be able to see a sonolucent gestational sac, representing the chorion, on transvaginal ultrasound.
Sonolucent accumulations and echogenic material in the uterus thicker than 5 mm are highly predictive of retained products of conception after first trimester pregnancy loss.(12) Small endometrial fluid accumulations in the uterus postpartum are not associated with maternal morbidity, but an echogenic mass indicates retained products of conception.(13)
Solid masses are uniformly filled with heterogeneous irregular echoes without any sonolucent areas.3 Although pelvic ultrasound is highly sensitive in detecting adnexal masses, its specificity in detecting malignancy is lower.