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an instrument that uses the differential transmission and reflection of ultrasonic waves in order to provide an image of a bodily organ

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This AI software could also potentially automate the required auditing for obstetric scanning and demonstrate quality and competency for every sonographer in a busy clinical setting.
Sonographer lady was so afraid of me by this point that she pulled out all the stops.
The sonographer asked if I was sure that I was as far along as I thought, and then explained that she could see the sac but was struggling to see a baby.
The sonographer said I was showing signs of TTTS and explained a little bit about what it was.
Also, if a sonographer saw what looked like a short cervix on transabdominal exam, then they would perform a transvaginal scan, Dr.
If you don't flourish in a physically demanding, hazardous or unpredictable environment, CareerCast's least stressful job — Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, with an annual median income of $63,630 and growth outlook of 24% — might be good fit for you.
From left: clinical midwife Beth Elton |with Toby and Barney (6); fertility nurse specialist Claire Perkins with Rhys and Chloe (4); sonographer Jenny Marsden with Drew (4); communications manager Jill Anthony-Ackery with Connie (13) and communications executive Lynsey Bissell with George (3)
Through the eSieScan protocols, we can specify the precise type and order of images the sonographer must capture for a particular study or anatomical area.
The sonographer spent a lot of time trying to get the right images of the baby's heart.
The first aim was to establish and then compare the intra-session and inter-session reliability of an experienced versus a novice sonographer to measure IRD in healthy participants.
But when the sonographer can't find a heartbeat Declan loses the plot
Biodex has redesigned the optional side rails to tuck underneath the table when not in use to allow clear access to the tabletop, and they are now mounted flush to the table, thus eliminating discomfort and reducing the reach required by the sonographer.
Leyla goes with Priya to her scan and has a word with the sonographer about her eating habits.
Gill, a clinical sonographer specializing in the abdomen and obstetrics and gynecology, teaches sonography students, residents, practicing physicians, midwives, and physician assistants about the use of ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology.
Sean thinks he and the sonographer have a chance of getting back together following Marcus's split with Aidan, until he walks in on his ex and Maria locked in a passionate kiss.