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an image of a structure that is produced by ultrasonography (reflections of high-frequency sound waves)


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Although the couple said they are not religious, the figure the couple saw in the sonogram reassured them that Zeek's pregnancy would progress smoothly.
A single sonogram between 34 and 37 weeks' gestation is recommended for prediction of birth weight.
Caption: Figure 2: Modified transverse paravertebral sonogram at the level of T7.
Moschos indicates that obstetricians and gynecologists should consider sonograms as part of the protocol after IUD insertion and possibly schedule them annually for those with IUDs, which can remain in the body for up to 10 years.
If the sonogram completely ruled out an arterial obstruction and you have no symptoms, then I would probably do nothing further except schedule regular checkups to be sure nothing crops up in the future.
After the sonogram, the patient returned to the physician complaining of a back problem.
Chandler MA, Antiabortion centers offer sonograms to further cause, Washington Post, Sept.
By analysing the sonogram, this showed the Scottish crossbill has a distinct call.
But she allowed a doctor to grope her and then had a televised sonogram on her new talk show to rubbish the claims.
Aaron Murray is running around showing a sonogram to everyone he encounters of his soon-to-be delivered child.
In hopes that the integrated first- and second-trimester screening strategies might obviate the need for genetic sonograms, investigators analyzed the FASTER data with and without genetic sonogram results.
Kentridge adapts such medical imaging less to reveal hidden quarters of the body than for the distinctive mode of representation that it, along with the spectacle of the anatomy lesson, exemplifies (a sonogram parallels the fan shape of the proscenium stage).
Eighteen weeks later, both adnexes and the lower abdomen were indolent upon palpation, the patient felt well, and a sonogram showed a further regression of the swelling of the right fallopian tube.
CASE FACTS: Eva Diaz was assaulted by a male technician while undergoing a transvaginal sonogram at New York Downtown Hospital.