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a male child (a familiar term of address to a boy)

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But Simon doesn't have any doubt that Sonny could have had a much greater impact on the city.
The futuristic cityscape is imaginatively realised and the robots, especially the lifelike Sonny, are amazing.
My husband, Fred Rhyme, was a groceryman, and he permitted Sonny Davis to sit at the entrance of the store to sell GRIT papers, which he pulled around in a little, red wagon.
Now, though, Davies is retiring from team squash and Maesteg could well appoint worldranked Welshman David Evans as playercoach, while their former manager turns to the ambitions and plans of Sonny.
A burly, soft-spoken man, Sonny, the Sto:lo Nation's cultural advisor, is giving me a glimpse into the rich universe of aboriginal spirituality, where humans are innately linked to their environment, to each other, to all things visible and invisible, to the past and the present.
Sonny Warbucks, sole owner of Acme Widget Repairs, has a problem.
Sonny James Franco Jewel Brenda Blethyn Carol Mena Suvari Henry Harry Dean Stanton
The neighborhood prophets began making prophecies about my life-span," Sonny said.
Like a champion, Sonny slugged the carnival's punching bag so hard that it rang the bell.
Peppered with allusions to various political organizations and government agencies, the prologue allows readers to experience the development of Zala's paranoia, which began when Sonny disappeared almost a year earlier.
Sonny awoke as the music blared from her clock radio.
The most recent pro bono case which Sonny handled for Three Rivers Legal Services, Inc.
Believe it or not, young homosexuals, Sonny and Cher were once more than Chastity's dad and mom.
A puff of cold wind blew up from the swamp and Sonny shivered.
Builder Richard Stone faced a long and agonising wait for help when he became trapped under his van on a deserted allotment - until a feathered friend called Sonny came to the rescue.