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a poet who writes sonnets

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The rhyming legerdemain of sonneteers is a deception; under their pens Yiddish sonnets themselves become a son et lumiere.
Following the interlude of longer poems, Smith juxtaposes three sonnets "From Petrarch," with three sonnets "Supposed to have been written by Werter," but she reverses the order of these sub-sequences between the first and second editions in a manner that reflects her growing confidence as a Petrarchan sonneteer.
On the other hand, the poet proves her technical skill in spite of her exclusion from the traditional canon of sonneteers.
The 1619 edition of Drayton's works shows that, like many European sonneteers, he is a master of many different fictional forms, including narrative poems, epistolary works, and sonnet sequences.
Similar staccato rhythmic effects appear in one of the few women sonneteers of the century, Louise Colet, whose prose writings on her liaisons with Flaubert and Musset have dwarfed the poetic dexterity that Shapiro reveals in "At the Home of Him who Left": "It's cold.
it with poems of other sonneteers and the opinions of other
From the symposia of ancient Greece to the ghazal singers of the Hindu and Muslim worlds, to the sonneteers of Frederick the Second's court, writers have always come together in productive discussion.
While some recent sonneteers have stretched and bent the form almost beyond recognition Nightingale is pleased to work rather close to the tradition and nearly all of these poems are quite regular in their rhyme schemes (usually English) and metrics.
A poet laureate should be open to the full range of human experience, a person who appreciates life the way it is really lived, a person who appreciates the arc of history, a person who is accessible to the cop, the coach, the chemist, the slammers and the sonneteers.
Discussion of manufacturing technology for glass mirrors (as opposed to those of highly polished metals) gives way to consideration of how conduct writers, painters, travelers, and sonneteers like Shakespeare use the image of the mirror.
With extraordinary erudition, an impressive command of the manuscript tradition, densely packed and rhetorically informed readings, Alexander attends to those "local details" of the literary dialogue that Sidney's texts sponsored with family and friends, with his sister Mary Sidney, his brother Robert Sidney, his friend Fulke Greville, and his niece Mary Wroth, and at one remove from that inner circle, to the complexly intertwined network of elegaic poets, sonneteers, prose romancers--extending from Samuel Daniel and Michael Drayton, Gervase Markham and William Alexander, to Ben Jonson and George Herbert--who in various ways for various motives entered into that dialectic of writing and response.
Smith's experimentation with the poet-muse relationship in her sonnets left an artistic legacy to later women poets as well, though scholars most often concentrate on the more famous women sonneteers after Smith, like Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Christina Rossetti.
And among all the many sonneteers of the 1590s, Barnfield and Shakespeare are the only two to defy convention by writing sonnets addressed to a male object" (95).
1) Since Barrett Browning scholars themselves have played a pioneering role in reviving critical interest in the Victorian sonnet genre at the close of the twentieth century, the conviction that, as sonneteers, Victorian women poets were essentially trespassing on an exclusively masculine domain is now widely spread and has remained almost uncontested.
Simms's experiments with the form of the sonnet not only place him in the company of such romantic sonneteers as Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Keats, but also emphasize his greater artistic adventurousness.