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a poet who writes sonnets

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28) (Some French symbolist sonneteers, for example, were known to go so far as to pick their rhymes out first and construct their sonnets around them.
Claiming he could read her sonnets "without lassitude," he placed her above Shakespeare and Milton in a category with the only other sonneteer he could "relish for a considerable time": Petrarch.
This, with the reference to Coronis (a white crow turned black after cheating on her lover, Apollo) and the allusion to the "raven," combine to paint Coleman as a distinctly black sonneteer, a wordsmith of the little lyric cursed out of jealousy, yet defiant of the path cut by the class status of her birth.
The sonneteer clearly seems preoccupied with the physical beauty of the young man, for example, and Sonnet 20 seems on the face of it to indicate a sexual interest.
Klein, The Exemplary Sidney and the Elizabethan Sonneteer (U of Delaware P, 1998) 188-215.
In the Pioneer Valley, Greenfield has Poet's Seat Tower overlooking the Connecticut River, a site named by the local Romantic sonneteer, Frederick Goddard Tuckerman.
80) It would appear that the publication of one's sonnets 'unconnected' was one of the worst things that could happen to a sonneteer.
In literary terms, the sequence demonstrates the influence of English literary culture (the sonneteer Samuel Daniel is explicitly referenced), but also that of European humanism (not least via the translations of Petrarch).
This poet was a lyricist, a sonneteer, a paraphraser of Horace, a teller of tales from ancient Greece as well as from the stories of the Indians and the frontiersmen.
There may have been a complaint by a disgruntled sonneteer, and some unanswered correspondence in his files suggests that French became more disorganized, not only with age, but after the tragic accidental death of his wife in 1938.
I would have liked to see more treatment of Eugene Lee-Hamilton, a fine sonneteer and strong admirer of Rossetti, who, apart from his sonnet on DGR, is not discussed.
In his twenties Simms published several sonnets, but if his reputation as a sonneteer rested solely on his youthful efforts, his judgment would be easy to dismiss.
The authors include female athletes Isabella Bird, Freda du Faur, and Annie Peck along with Italian sonneteer Francesco Petrarch and American essayist Henry David Thoreau.
The first is Sonneteer, which produces the Bard line of wireless devices.
It was followed by small ingeniously printed and illustrated chapbooks, including the work of Saroyan, William March, Weldon Kees, Gilbert Neiman, and a number of cult figures such as the proto-Beat sonneteer Charles Snider, whose discovery Kerouac credited to Lowry.