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praise in a sonnet

compose a sonnet

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It is not perfect, it is not even Wyatt's best sonnet, but it is one of the most simple.
Although Wyatt was our first sonnet writer, some of his poems which are not sonnets are much more musical, especially some he wrote for music.
In his sonnets he told his love of a fair lady, Laura, and made her famous for all time.
He, too, like Petrarch, addressed his sonnets to a lady, and the lady he took for his love was Queen Anne Boleyn.
In his attempted reformation of English metrical irregularity Wyatt, in his sonnets, shows only the uncertain hand of a beginner.
He improved on the versification of Wyatt's sonnets, securing fluency and smoothness.
"I only said Chloe," replied Don Quixote; "and that no doubt, is the name of the lady of whom the author of the sonnet complains; and, faith, he must be a tolerable poet, or I know little of the craft."
The Knight of the Rueful Countenance was still very anxious to find out who the owner of the valise could be, conjecturing from the sonnet and letter, from the money in gold, and from the fineness of the shirts, that he must be some lover of distinction whom the scorn and cruelty of his lady had driven to some desperate course; but as in that uninhabited and rugged spot there was no one to be seen of whom he could inquire, he saw nothing else for it but to push on, taking whatever road Rocinante chose- which was where he could make his way- firmly persuaded that among these wilds he could not fail to meet some rare adventure.
Nor was the sonnet, in spite of its accomplishment, lacking in passion, and Katharine, as she read the pages through again, could see in what direction her feelings ought to flow, supposing they revealed themselves.
In his battle with the sonnet he had forgotten her existence, and at the sound of her voice his love for her smote him like a sudden blow.
She laughed very prettily, not so much at the sonnets, which she could not but esteem, as at poor Henry's French accent, which was unique, resembling the warbling of birds, if birds ever warbled with a stuttering, nasal intonation.
(1.) According to Yvor Winters, Sonnet 66 is also written in a single sentence, See his "Poetic Style in Shakespeare's Sonnets," Discussions of Shakespeare s Sonnets, Ed.
WHEN ROSS WILLIAMS FIRST LAUNCHED SONNET Project NYC, it seemed like a daunting, even overwhelming task.
Each episode, which will be aired across one week in April, will be inspired by a sonnet, in terms of story and theme.
THE TITLE OF MY PAPER is taken from the last quatrain of Sonnet 17