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Synonyms for sonic

(of speed) having or caused by speed approximately equal to that of sound in air at sea level

relating to audible sound

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Ashkenazy's 1988 recording of the famous fifth, reissued by Decca at a giveaway price, has Shostakovich's music sonically unfettered.
So visually and sonically inventive is Bjork's own stage show that Strickland and co-director Nick Fenton have, perhaps wisely, decided against adding their own cinematic bells and whistles.
I find it hard to respect a lot of successful bands and musicians, because, although there can be subtle, nuanced changes in what they do, there aren't any really bold new moves, lyrically or sonically or melodically.
The contemporary queen of pop Lady Gaga's latest, Art Pop, is the bisexual singer's most sonically diverse album to date.
Always sonically interesting, but with a sharp ear for a good tune as well, Foals are unlikely stars but their success couldn't be more deserved.
The conductor's Suk homage on two sonically creditable CDs opens with the magnificent Ripening, followed by the symphonic poem Praga.
It does, though, act as a significant bookend to one of the best bands I have ever seen, heard, or been sonically battered and bruised by.
Keyboardist Dave Morecroft was the ringmaster, sonically and visually directing the band through a mine-field of twisting, squirming, jolting and japing contortions.
A sonically and vocally pristine version of "Away From the Sun" appeared early in the set, much to my delight.
Seeing as there are a lot of new names coming out of Canada right now, we thought it'd be a cool challenge to figure out how everyone's connected, from Grimes to the sonically hybrid DlYers surrounding Montreal's Arbutus Records, the weird music lynchpin that first realized Boucher was doing something special, and branching out from there.
Shorter frequently switched between tenor and soprano saxophones, as if never sonically satisfied, always seeking out a fresh pathway.
And I just think the gears are a little different from what people would expect, I think; and I'm excited about that, I'm excited to surprise them sonically," the singer said, according to (http://www.
Critics compared it to Duffy's Rockferry, a description that's perhaps not sonically accurate.
My Dreams," a quiet look back on a failed relationship, is the kind of song you could imagine her singing at home on a couch, while the toe-tapping and much more sonically complex "Mystical Love" would be more at home on a cabaret stage.
Tamara Wilson's first Miss Jessel was vocally solid, but the casting of Miles and Flora was sonically unbalanced.