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Ultrasonic and sonic scalers were used to debond the brackets engaging the bracket from incisal side.
50) The study compared titanium curettes, steel curettes, plastic curettes, rubber cups with Zircate prophy paste, the Cavitron Jet ultrasonic scaler with universal inserts and air polishing nozzles with Prophy-Jet cleaning powder, and the Densonic sonic scaler with SofTip disposable prophy tips and universal tips.
According to the manufacturer, this cost-effective sonic scaler is proven to effectively remove hard calculus deposits and offers efficient subgingival and supragingival scaling while providing a gentle and fast-cleaning treatment for patients.
Gross KBW, et al: Aerosol generation by two ultrasonic scalers and one sonic scaler.
compared aerosol generation and potential depth of respiratory tract penetration among a magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler, piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler, and sonic scaler.