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a composer of words or music for popular songs

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Senators Hatch and Alexander have introduced bi-partisan legislation called the Music Modernization Act, that will help achieve higher streaming royalties for songwriters, said NSAI President and professional songwriter Steve Bogard, thanking both Senators for their leadership.
The sole job of professional songwriters working in New York City's Brill Building from the 1960s through 1970s was to write hit songs for others to record ("cover," in music business parlance).
BFF will also add a Top Six Songwriter list at no cost for one top songwriters chosen bi-monthly.
Songwriters and music industry experts will come together in Ocean Springs for a weekend dedicated to celebrating the art of songwriting at the 5th annual Mississippi Songwriters Festival.
It was, in fact, Elliott's success as a songwriter that prompted friends and colleagues to push her to record her album.
He has earned 25 BMI Latin Awards and was named BMI Latin Songwriter of the Year in 1998, 1999, and 2000.
Removing a provision of law that narrows the scope of evidence the federal rate court may examine when asked to set songwriter compensation for when their song is played, such as in a restaurant or at a concert.
Enhanced with listings for songwriter support organizations, conferences, thematically appropriate websites and online communities, "2008 Songwriter's Market" should be considered an essential, core addition to personal, professional, music school, and community library reference collections.
NEW YORK -- Multi-talented songwriter Jimmy Webb has been elected Chairman of the Board of the Songwriters Hall of Fame by its Board of Directors.
com)-- Emmy-winning director and producer Sunny Lake today announced the launch of “Songwriter,” a reality TV show for songwriters, with a promotional video on Kickstarter, the crowdsourcing Web site.
The web site provides many resources a songwriter can use to write their songs and further their songwriter's career.
The three writers defined for the Committee the damage that has ravaged the American songwriter community as the result of Internet piracy, noting that since the advent of unchecked illegal downloading a decade ago, the sales volume of recorded music has declined by half, and losses are still accelerating.
BMI) mourns the loss of its BMI Icon and longtime songwriter and publisher Michael Jackson.