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Synonyms for song and dance

Synonyms for song and dance

theatrical performance combining singing and dancing

an interesting but highly implausible story

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He maintains clarity of form in the very nuclei of his compositions, namely the melodies that he derives from folk songs and dances, and transfers this to a larger scale.
He does not limit himself to the melodic material of Greek folk tunes as the thematic source of his music, but allows the actual form of folk songs and dances to serve as the model for the form of his own compositions.
Elders share the songs and dances that they know and guide the younger dancers.
Obenauf and artistic director Pamela Lacko Kelley developed a colorful repertoire that encompassed songs and dances from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Slovenia.
After Lubovitch was asked to take over, the show underwent a thorough makeover--new sets, costumes, a couple of cast replacements, and considerable pruning of songs and dances.