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having a melody (as distinguished from recitative)


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These two parts always have shorter lines and a more insistent rhythm than do other parts; they usually introduce rhyme; they tend to be lyrical, or songlike; and in the later Quartets, they have regular, songlike stanzas.
As Barrett demonstrates persuasively, conceptual and formal depth is as present in the songlike verse of newspaper and popular writing as in the more traditional literary canon.
Emily Dickinson, a 19th century American poet and accomplished pianist, whose poems are considered to be songlike, was greatly influenced by music.
4 offered something totally different, and it was clear from the songlike grace of the opening that it would be an intensely lyrical interpretation.
xii): "The treatises of both singers and actors of the period expose an almost uncanny tendency among the lyric arts--what the French called the arts de dire--to merge into one an other, the actor's recitations becoming songlike, and the songs like recitations.
It was her form of lyric verse, subjective and unrhymed, a little songlike but with a rigor, a tradition of fixed order, only backwards, to test the presence of another kind of reversal, which a doctor nicely named retrogenesis" (188).
In Mouth is mostly silent, with the exception of a few tapping sounds and songlike moans compiled by the choreographer.
In an ongoing debate, that negative finding may dampen hopes that the high-pitched, songlike mouse vocalizations could join human speech and the sounds of songbirds, certain marine mammals and a few other creatures as examples of vocal learning through imitation.
While the concerto, like all of the composer's wind concertos, gives the soloist plenty of opportunities to demonstrate technical prowess, it is in the songlike passages that the instrument is most glorious.
Further, as the poem proceeds the raging hexameters are broken by a sudden shift to a more songlike trimeter/tetrameter verse at line 161 of Part I.
The songlike, sonorous rondel form, conveying simplicity and sophistication, matches the theme well.
Voiced laughter can be divided into songlike pattern or non-songlike pattern, though most likely a voiced laugh will exhibit a songlike pattern.
Drawing on the terms of late Modernist enterprise (the kind despised by the poet in the first paragraph) to reinvent and re-use poetic form as an indicator of consciousness, Revell brings to us descriptions of the natural world, songlike fragments, declarations that resemble riddles and musings on poetry and the soul.
This is a plotless and beautifully musical device by the company's original artistic director; revived by Betty Jones, one of the original performers, it reemerged with a songlike grace.
The musical world of the cats comes alive through the vibrant paintings of Galey and the songlike text by David Davis.