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the property of being suitable for singing

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So beautiful is Metastasio's libretto that the eminent poet Giosue Carducci once wrote that "all of the eighteenth century joined in acclaiming the divine L'Olympiade, in which the lyricism and the Italian songfulness joined in an unequalled and unattainable perfection" (903-04).
In both this chapter and the conclusion he refutes Lawrence Kramer's concept of "songfulness." Dunsby's discusses the ideas of such diverse authors as Guido Adler and Roland Barthes but he does not explore the approaches to lieder of such influential scholars as Edward T.
The Le Page Ensemble allowed all this outpouring of lyricism to flow naturally, inner parts constantly alert beneath the songfulness, with a fine sense of ensemble and with a rich, warm sound in the natural acoustic of this church which could well prove a useful concert-venue.
Brahms' great D minor Sonata was given with inward songfulness from Zukerman and deft control of its impossible pianistic demands by Neikrug.
Jean-Philippe Collard was the elegant soloist in Ravel's G major Piano Concerto, his ever-present playing combining bluesy jazziness with beautifully judged colours, sounding, at one point, almost like a musical saw in his trilling songfulness.