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any bird having a musical call


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BlackRock has a rent-free period of 36 months and rent will be reviewed every five years, Songbird added.
The investment includes subscription to preference shares and participation in debt financing within the working capital facility of Songbird Estates.
Qatar Holding will support the purchase by Songbird Estates of an additional 8.45% of the share capital of Canary Wharf Group, a leading real estate investment and development company with over 7 million square feet of office and retail space, for 112.5 million.
Songbird said it was unclear about the financial impact of the bank's demise.
Chu (Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology) follows North American songbirds through the four seasons as they migrate, mate, raise young, and winter in places thousands of miles away.
Perhaps the most amazing songbird of all is the blackpoll warbler.
The concert supported Songbird's efforts to raise public awareness of the benefits of sustainable coffees--those that are shade-grown, organic and fair-traded.
Songbird Hearing's proprietary digital integrated circuit is produced by Texas Instruments, one of the company's technology partners.
These can be seen on the Internet by going to, clicking on the CRISP database under "Grants and Funding Opportunities, then typing in "pigeon" or "songbird" under search terms.
Using the Larsen trap, which uses a caged songbird to lure the magpie in, 416 of the pests have been killed so far this year.
Among the groups striving to make this happen is The Songbird Foundation, founded by singer Danny O'Keefe (best known for writing the hit "Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues").
To understand birdsong, it's first important to define a songbird and how song differs from other bird vocalizations.
The Songbird Supreme, as referred to by the Guinness World Records, updated her Instagram Stories on Oct.
And the amazing creations from Songbird Bakery were destined for none other than the people at Greggs.
Preview USA 11.18pm Coaching Club American Oaks G1 Saratoga, 1m1f dirt, 3yo fillies ATR AfTer illness derailed her Kentucky oaks ambitions, brilliant three-year-old Songbird gets back into Grade 1 action with a visit to Saratoga for the CCA oaks, where she will bid to extend her unbeaten record to nine, writes Nicholas Godfrey.