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common Old World thrush noted for its song

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In the same year as the Songbird Survival report, the RSPB's breeding-bird survey revealed that some songbird species had actually increased in number since the mid 1990s: blackbirds and robins by 18 per cent, great tits by 54 per cent and song thrushes by 17 per cent.
Experts believe the high numbers of young blackbirds, robins and song thrushes could be because the weather conditions were right when they were both in the nest, and when they fledged.
Song thrushes have fallen two thirds and blackbirds by a quarter in a single year.
As dawn breaks on a misty Welsh morning, the earliest birds to break into song are likely to include European robins, followed by blackbirds and song thrushes and then a plethora of other species as sunlight crowns the horizon.
In addition first winter survival rates for young song thrushes are very low.
Starlings and song thrushes are both species of the highest conservation concern due to massive declines over the last four decades but there was a decline in both in West YorKshire.
Fog Grahame Madge, from the RSPB, said: "The witnesses told us they could see about 500 birds that perished in the sea and these are birds like robins, blackbirds and song thrushes - garden birds to many people.
THE cold, wet start to the summer appears to have hit chicks of robins and thrush species such as blackbirds and song thrushes, wildlife experts said.
As the birds are here outside of their breeding season we do not hear their singing, although apparently neither of them sings as mellifluously as song thrushes and blackbirds.
More than one in five gardens had robin chicks, up from one in six gardens in 2010, and baby song thrushes were seen in 5% of gardens, a small increase on last year.
Leftovers can also provide a welcome boost for wildlife - cake crumbs, pastry and cheese are all eaten by wild birds; Put out hanging feeders with sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, or unsalted peanuts; Provide fruit, such as apples and pears, for blackbirds, song thrushes and other members of the thrush family; Make sure that water is available and that any ice is broken so that birds and animals have something to drink; Put up nest boxes to provide roost sites for the smaller birds.
The conservation charity is asking people to count chicks such as robins, blackbirds and song thrushes - whose numbers have declined by 50% since the 1970s - to give an indication of how well the birds are breeding in the UK.
SONG thrushes could become much rarer in Wales if global warming continues.
This once country-bound bird is still relevant today, but also now add snail pellets poisoning snails and then song thrushes, and of course the domestic moggy, whose presence has increased massively in the urban jungle.
Skylarks, song thrushes, early spider orchids and bumble bees all face an uncertain future, it claims, unless the government urgently introduces legislation to protect them.