song thrush

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common Old World thrush noted for its song

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Song Thrush made all the running to score on her debut and can only improve for the experience.
Now a sighting of a song thrush is a cherished event.
RESTING SPOT: An exhausted song thrush finds a perch on this fisherman's jacket, inset.
Song thrush numbers have declined by 50 per cent across the UK since the 1970s but in recent years have started to recover.
It said the black grouse may become extinct within 20 years, the greater horsehoe bat would migrate north and the song thrush and common scoter suffer.
If no action is taken, says WWF-UK, water voles will become extinct in 2003, as will skylarks in 2009 and the song thrush by 2006.
So the sight of a song thrush anywhere in our region is always a precious moment.
Baby song thrush sightings fell by 24%, while baby blackbird sightings dropped by 21%.
It's great to know that blackbird, robin and song thrush chicks are back up from last June, and it would suggest the weather conditions were just right in that month, although we suspect they may have struggled in the drier weather earlier in the spring.
As well as redwings and fieldfares, other members of the thrush family, including song thrush, mistle thrush and blackbird were seen in much higher numbers last year looking for food.
You would miss The robin, wren and song thrush also in a chorus mood You would miss As mother hens and ducks parade their little brood You would miss The new born lambs which gambol on the farm You would miss Delighting in the daffodils, now the wind is calm You would miss The bluebell wood as it takes on its stunning hue You would miss High in new dressed branches, the dove's bill and coo You would miss The blossom on the trees, some only last a week You would miss The smell of fresh cut grass, fragrance at its peak You would miss The sun getting warmer as nature grows in leaps You would miss Taking pleasure, in once a year amazing treats by Irene Marmion, Ormskirk.
Song thrush numbers have declined since the 1970s but in recent years have started to make a slow recovery.
I see the pansies and the marigolds, The peeling rustic seat, Where the blackbird and the song thrush, Hopped about my feet.
A few years ago we used to have a lovely dawn chorus of songbirds like the robin, blackbirds and the odd song thrush.
ABSENT: Robin, song thrush and blackbird, DOWN 37%; DOWN 25%; DOWN 65%