song thrush

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common Old World thrush noted for its song

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Their size and powerful song means they are able to intimidate smaller fieldfares, redwings and song thrushes.
Song thrushes are well known for their use of what are called anvils: stones which are regularly used to crack open the shells of snails.
Last year's survey revealed a continuing decline in starlings and song thrushes, which have dropped by an alarming 80% and 79% respectively since the Birdwatch began in 1979.
Starlings and song thrushes are both species of the highest conservation concern due to massive declines over the last four decades but there was a decline in both in West YorKshire.
On this list are the song thrush, starling, sparrow, skylark, lesser redpoll and the linnet.
It's great to know that blackbird, robin and song thrush chicks are back up from last June, and it would suggest that the weather conditions were just right in that month.
Song Thrush (Unbridled's Song - Virgin Michael, by Green Dancer)
The survey alerted us to the decline in song thrush numbers.
They do look similar to their cousin, the song thrush, with dark brown uppers and white below.
Fieldfares are usually spotted in small flocks, occasionally in the company of redwings and the odd song thrush.
A desperately tired song thrush even perched on the shoulder of one of the crew while hundreds died in the water.
Baby song thrush sightings fell by 24%, while baby blackbird sightings dropped by 21%.
In the last four days, I have witnessed your well-fed moggies raid the nests and rip apart the chicks of two different blackbird families and a song thrush and her chicks.
Albion's club badge pictures a song thrush on a branch - perhaps today the "throstle" throttles the magpie once more?