song and dance

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Synonyms for song and dance

Synonyms for song and dance

theatrical performance combining singing and dancing

an interesting but highly implausible story

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Intermediate Classical Trios B Jones, O Fearnley and O Bradbury Intermediate Cabaret Trios E Sykes, L McGinty and K Bradbury Senior Classical Trios A Mair, L Jordan and E Sykes Senior Cabaret Trios Z Jones, H Jordan and A Brodie Highest Marked Song and Dance A Brodie Most Promising Senior A Brodie Senior Acts Trophy Audrey Spencer School of Dance.
For more major events such as high school or college graduations, returning home from service, a more formal honoring song and dance will be done.
Highest Mark Song and Dance Trophy: Z Clarkson and Z Jones.
National Song and Dance Company of Mozambique Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts Brooklyn, New York February 2, 2002
ALTHOUGH SOME OF THE CEREMONIAL ASPECTS OF YUP'IK and Inupiaq (the Eskimo of northwestern Alaska and northern Canada) dance are no longer present, the reasons for dancing remain much the same as 150 years ago: to share family history, give life lessons, convey valuable role models, and celebrate traditional lives through storytelling in song and dance.