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a unit of perceived loudness equal to the loudness of a 1000-hertz tone at 40 dB above threshold

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London's Appeal Court heard Sones and Gillian began their affair in the 1990s.
The Sones teams' expertise in graph database management systems is also expected to be a strategic asset to Zimory's future research and development and will enable zimory scale to offer a broader support of satellite databases.
Bridesmaids were Sunday Holmes, Sicily Green, Estelle Sones, Carrie Sones, Anna Weems, Rachel Smith, Drew Morgan, Abby Wiggins, Jessica Mansell, Sarah B.
You'll be on the Graham Norton Show within a year," the bloke told Sones while he was trying to announce the last song.
Things get better at high school for Robin and Sophie, and Sones (through Robin) tells how that happens.
A second award went to Sones for their work at St Benedict's Hospice in Sunderland.
Sones indigenas de la huasteca brinda varios ejemplos musicales de seis pueblos matriciales correspondientes a esa region: teenek, nahua, nanuu, totonaco, pame y tepehua.
devote considerable attention to diabetes patients, says vice president of pharmacy Gersh Sone.
Of mixed African and European descent, he combined a knowledge of traditional literary form with firsthand experience of the speech, legends, songs, and sones (popular dances) of the Afro-Cubans in his first volume of poetry, Motivos de son (1930; "Motifs of Son"), which was soon hailed as a masterpiece.
Workers will be keeping four million square metres of grass neat and trim after Sones Landscaping scooped a pounds 1.
This revised edition of Sones's highly praised poetry/novel (her first publication) closely relates to Sones's personal history, and the Afterword explains how her older sister (at 19) was placed in a mental institution with manic-depressive illness when Sones herself was 13 years old.
Sunday Linn Sones and Jason Michael Holmes were united in marriage at First Baptist Church in Brookhaven at four in the afternoon on May 25, 2002.