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a short and simple sonata

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Giraffe Piano: Essential Sonatinas for Music Education Volumes I and II, is a charming collection of intermediate-level sonatinas for the budding pianist.
3) Se aconseja escuchar la sonatina en Do mayor WoO 44 para mandolina y piano.
He was so successful that his Sonatinas are still staple fare today, 174 years after his death in London.
I hadn't written chamber music in a long time and the Sonatina for Clarinet Choir had kindled a desire to compose more for small combinations, so I suggested to Chappell that I write three more sonatinas to form a sequence.
The technical demands on both the player and the listener are moderate in the sonatas, and even more so in the sonatinas.
The Ricordi Sonatina Album for Piano, by various composers.
His sonatinas, often abandoning conventional tonality, further refined Busoni's reputation as a futurist.
A su vez, Herbert Weinstock afirma: "Las Sonatinas.
The sonatinas range from Clementi's Opus 36 to Kahlau's Opus 20 and 55, second movement.
und Flute & bec) containing six sonatinas for solo instruments and basso continuo (TWV 41:e3, c2, D7, G7, a4, E4).
This sonata is more difficult than the Opus 36 Sonatinas we all know.
As I looked deep into my files for alternative sonatinas, I sound it quite difficult to narrow the field to only two
Auber's music became the basis for a staggering number of quadrilles, fantasias, variations, marches, waltzes, and sonatinas, to name only a few of the genre designations found on arrangements.
36 Sonatinas, some of the most treasured works in the intermediate piano literature.
Classical Era selections include sonatinas by Latour (Book 1), Kuhlau (Books 2, 3), and C.