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Synonyms for sonant

produced by the voice

Synonyms for sonant

a speech sound accompanied by sound from the vocal cords

produced with vibration of the vocal cords


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Data below strengthen the discussion above and Table 9 below describes the comparison of sonant affricate consonants between MP and ISP.
aut nunc eius laudem sonant: vt michi videtur Continues on outside back cover, column 2, which is too worn to transcribe.
Regina Literata, Rex Platonicus Illic laeta parat pubes spectacula, Scenae Materiam veteris, multiplicesque iocos, Et Tragicam ferri rabiem, querelosque Cothurnos, Moesta quibus tristi funera clade sonant. Quis Maiestati nugas praebere canoras Ausus, quis mimos apposnisse leues?
Heile examines several pieces, particularly Sonant (1960), Sur scene (1960), Heterophonie (1961), Improvisation ajoutee (1962), Match (1964), Tremens (1965), and the collection of pieces known as Journal de theatre (1965).
4, 183: <<tot linguae, totidem ora sonant, tot subrigit aures>>.
From a structuralist standpoint, it is indeed a matter of fact that all language is based on the differentiality of distinctive sounds, or phonomes; what is more, 'it is absolutely not true [...] that each time we pronounce a proper name we are psychologically aware of the accent put on the sonant material as such'.
You are attracted by post-communist countries, you have built your house and instruments with your own hands from discarded and used things; the sounds that you like are the less sonant sounds, not the sounds that are attractive at first sight, but more the strange, unsmart, inelegant sounds; for friends and collaborators you often choose unusual, eccentric, highly individual people ...
(29) Furor, Mars, Allecto, Bellona, Enyo flock to Henry, and the English invasion is launched across the channel: Classica pulsa sonant, petit ardua sidera clamor Protinus, et volucrum fremitusque auditur equorum Volvuntur celeri pulvisque per aerhera cursu Atque globus, liquidusque tonat clamoribus aer.
This chapter also recasts some of Goffman's work in Imagining Each Other, or, as Newton so inimitably puts it, "Black faces given voice by Jew,Jewish faces made sonant by Black" (111-112).
Rogers' Science of Unitary Human Beings offers more than a science that explicates nursing's unique knowledge base con sonant with the most contemporary theories describing a universe of wholeness.
An IVR application for direct dialing from Sonant is also part of the PPD.
The first gloss here, meaning something like 'sonorous', applies to the Latin adjective as used in the phrase cornua rauca sonant et salpix classica clangit from Aldhelm's Carmen de virginitate.(21) The second gloss, meaning 'warlike' or 'martial', is also an appropriate gloss to classica, yet is in no way synonymous with swege.
A bit later he reiterates his position: "inanis cedis, dicta non sonant" (Your visit is useless, words don't ring [like coins on the counter]) (308).
(There it is not appropriate in Latin either (regular accusative Herculem); but neither in the Latin is accusative, one is nominative (Sweet 1883: 1499, 1514), and the two are so close together as to suggest a trace either of Homer nodding or of the activity of a less skilled assistant on that page.) Now what Breeze has not taken into account is that in unstressed syllables OE u where it occurs interchanges freely with o (Campbell [section][section] 355(5), 373), with o much the commoner, and before liquid consonants, and to a lesser extent nasals, where the vowel might either be pronounced as such or merely indicate a syllabic sonant, u/o interchanges fairly freely with e, the outcome being conditioned as much as anything by vowel harmony (Campbell [section][section] 363, 381, 385).
anaven los Ministrils y socabutxos, ab trompetas y clarins sonant devant los Cavaliers de dit orde del Tuson ...