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in a drowsy manner


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He is somnolently suspended in a space he is powerless to leave.
Night winds are the breathing of the unborn child whose calm throbbing in the belly of a Negress sets them somnolently singing.
Stella was able to repeat the innocent conversation and recalls, "What held me was that Charlie's dark face, not usually given to merriment, was aglow and pleading, and that Mary, a thumping extrovert Susan Nipper, always being chiacked by the men and able to hold her own, was standing somnolently without motion or sound" (Childhood p.
The dog and the humidifier wheezed out in the hall, the refrigerator rattled, and my father somnolently answered the urgency of an itch.
The considerably less talented Year Out theatre company presented an adaptation of Winter; Talc in which the teenaged actors had rescripted the play in ways that made sense to them: Paulina wagged her finger at Leontes and told him that "you mustn't let your anger get the better of you--you'll end up doing something rash." And All the King's Men, college students, drudged somnolently through the quietest, most humorless Twelfth Night I have ever seen.