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a very sleepy state

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The most common (>5%) AEs were feeling of relaxation, dizziness, and somnolence.
The death risk increased 35-fold (p = 0.003) in the presence of coma and 27-fold (p = 0.001) with somnolence; CNS impairment was present in all 11 patients who died.
La protection civile a signalUu[c], que la somnolence, la distraction, la vitesse, lae1/4aoalcool et les conditions climatiques, sont Uu lae1/4aoorigine des accidents.
Eequipee d'un accelerometre, d'un gyroscope et d'un processeur, cette casquette connectee detecte et analyse les mouvements de la tete, associes aux signes de somnolence puis avertit le conducteur qu'il est temps pour lui de prendre une pause.
In contrast, flibanserin clearly influenced safety outcomes, increasing the risk of dizziness, somnolence, nausea, and fatigue to a statistically and clinically significant degree.
However, it's not clear to me whether progressive scan used by computer screen and HD digital TV sets will also bring on somnolence.
It is important to realise that there is not always significant functional recovery; patients may regain the ability to follow simple commands, recognise objects and regain some communication, but unfortunately the effect lasts for about 4 hours (the half-life is 2.4 hours) and is often followed by increased somnolence.
Adverse reactions occurring in at least 5% of the study population and at a rate of twice that in the placebo groups were extrapyramidal symptoms, akathisia, dyspepsia, vomiting, somnolence, and restlessness in the bipolar group.
A 68-year-old woman presented to our emergency department with nausea, vomiting, perspiration, and somnolence after taking a primidone (Mysoline, Keymen ilag San.
Seal maintained the symphony's serene and tranquil nature, never letting the music lapse into somnolence or generalised cosiness.
The most common adverse reactions across all LYRICA clinical trials are dizziness, somnolence, dry mouth, edema, blurred vision, weight gain, constipation, euphoric mood, balance disorder, increased appetite, and thinking abnormal (primarily difficulty with concentration/attention).
It's an obnoxious right that should be struck off our statute books before a bloodbath of the kind that shattered Newton shakes us off our somnolence.
It was an aberration; the neighbors slipped back into somnolence. Not the girls.
Les centres noterent des symptomes d'irritation, d'etat de somnolence ou d'agitation et aussi d'ebriete.
Paint applied precisely to the surface of some greater seeming, it's like / it's not like brushing the ginger hairs of somnolence from the mind's pelt.