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walking by a person who is asleep

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Researchers made the discovery after testing the ability of sleepwalkers - somnambulists - to ignore distractions while performing a walking task.
In Josiah McElheny's Projection Painting II, 2015, reworked footage from Maya Deren's unfinished 1951 film Ensemble for Somnambulists is projected on a framed, glass-covered, low-relief prismatic surface so as to be distorted beyond recognition.
The author discusses LAT DEN RATTE KOMMA IN and the vampire Eric Northman in TRUE BLOOD, highlighting the significance of displaying Swedish somnambulists transgressing sociocultural boundaries.
Director Diana Leblanc gave her Butterfly an ethereal, dream-state quality, but rather than emotional tsunamis to buoy Puccini's restrained but still ravishing score, the characters were somnambulists, plodding rather than giddily fluttering between cherry blossoms of naive love.
In the 1880s his notes frequently describe human beings as somnambulists, sleepwalkers hallucinating their idea of the world, acting automatically without realizing what their actions mean (Life and Work 190, 192).
The stream-of-consciousness technique that Calhoun at times adopts allows us to view the world through the eyes of both the healthy and the sick, and precludes simplistic judgments about the zombie-like somnambulists.
it is the theorists who until recently have played the role of the somnambulists.
The result: The Galatasaray players were like a bunch somnambulists roaming aimlessly around the pitch.
It involves a set of facts with which those somnambulists who go about immersed in the dream of imperialist restoration have nothing to do.
Who knew that the Nazis melted a statue of Charcot for scrap metal, that 1889 Paris could boast of over 500 cabinets somnambulists (sic) for the treatment of illnesses resistant to traditional medicine, that centers for abandoned babies and orphans established during the July Monarchy had to reduce the size of the cubbyholes used for drop-offs to discourage the deposit of older children.
The Dunfermline-born rocker-turned-film-maker has scripted and directed harrowing tale The Somnambulists, which is based on the testimony of soldiers returning from the war in Iraq.
The devastating psychological damage experienced by British soldiers who have served in Iraq is presented via straight-to-camera monologues in "The Somnambulists," the sincere but painfully earnest latest feature from Scottish helmer Richard Jobson (" 16 Years of Alcohol").
While those at the bottom struggle for bare life, Ward discerns the emergence of another socio-economic stratum: "a new class of somnambulists surfeited with shopping and anesthetized with entertainment, cultivating their own lifestyles and profoundly forgetful of civic responsibilities and the proliferating needs of the disadvantaged" (220).
Memory is awry when language is awry; hallucinators, madmen, and somnambulists all demonstrate their disorders by speaking, reciting, or reading in ways that would seem unnatural (or supernatural), were it not for hallucination theory's account of the body as an unruly collection of imprints.