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walking by a person who is asleep

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it is the theorists who until recently have played the role of the somnambulists.
The result: The Galatasaray players were like a bunch somnambulists roaming aimlessly around the pitch.
It involves a set of facts with which those somnambulists who go about immersed in the dream of imperialist restoration have nothing to do.
The Dunfermline-born rocker-turned-film-maker has scripted and directed harrowing tale The Somnambulists, which is based on the testimony of soldiers returning from the war in Iraq.
While those at the bottom struggle for bare life, Ward discerns the emergence of another socio-economic stratum: "a new class of somnambulists surfeited with shopping and anesthetized with entertainment, cultivating their own lifestyles and profoundly forgetful of civic responsibilities and the proliferating needs of the disadvantaged" (220).
Memory is awry when language is awry; hallucinators, madmen, and somnambulists all demonstrate their disorders by speaking, reciting, or reading in ways that would seem unnatural (or supernatural), were it not for hallucination theory's account of the body as an unruly collection of imprints.
McLuhan, says Black, is the pedagogical intervention for awakening us somnambulists to our massaged reality.
Like somnambulists inhabited by aliens or numbed by mayfly shifts of fortune, the town's residents scarcely register the wide-screen soap opera in which they are either stars or supernumeraries.
Given that being a bank teller is probably not one of the most arduous tasks in banking it appears to have scoured the out patients clinics of local hospitals to hire catatonics, somnambulists and recovering mogadon addicts.