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walking by a person who is asleep

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Edgar sees that, while in a somnambulistic state, he was in a sense "mad.
There is no differentiation of common-sense, and one is as easily a cultural anomaly as the other and, therefore, the differentiation is made by those who are anointed, self--or otherwise, to make such moral judgments, such as the Church's 1326 Inquisition investigation of witchcraft and development of a theory of its diabolic origin or the more devious good walkers of the 16th century benandanti, somnambulistic travelers who claimed to unconsciously fight off witches, and who were eventually declared heretics.
On a midsummer night Trevor Lomas walked with a somnambulistic sway into Findlater's Ballroom and looked round for Beauty.
Their eldest son, a promising Olympic athlete, descends into a life of petty crime; another son, a banker, wanders the house in a somnambulistic trance of "sleeping sickness.
The sword-swallower recently learned how to put himself into a somnambulistic trance needed to help him swallow multiple swords in the Circus of Horrors, visiting the Empire next month.
The sword swallower and hypnotist, aka Helmut Kichmeier, had just learned the art of hypnotism to help put himself into somnambulistic trance and auto suggestion to allow him to swallow multiple swords in the infamous Circus Of Horrors.
45) The subject declined an EEG study in an attempt determine if the incident was a somnambulistic variant, an unconscious incident of automatic behavior.
The American-Swiss artist duo Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler is internationally renowned for video and photographic works characterised by enigmatic plot lines and imagery which exert a somnambulistic pull.
Therefore, the tormented spirit that glared out of bodily eyes, when what seemed Ahab rushed from his room, was for the time but a vacated thing, a formless somnambulistic being, a ray of living light, to be sure, but without an object to color, and therefore a blankness in itself
Dulac's film answers the call to awaken what Woolf called the "unaesthetic eye," a deplorable somnambulistic condition diagnosed and debated in the 1920s by filmmakers and writers.
Our somnambulistic lives are routinely interrupted by the thoughts of conspiracy theorists.
Yet here was another retail operation, opened with high hopes and great expectations that It would shake up the somnambulistic furniture business.
There's something exciting about that somnambulistic state you go into when cruising for sex: the anonymous and interchangeable body parts.
People with high blood pressure need romantic comedies, too, and their cardiologists will be very grateful for "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist," a scrubbed-up, somnambulistic night tour of teen-hipster Manhattan.
2) shows the blind Arab seer El Mundeschi in a somnambulistic trance.