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walking by a person who is asleep

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An unlimited imagination such as this made possible, it would seem, the birth of Coleridge's dream of Xanadu, under the intoxicating fumes of opium that unbarred the access to that otherworldly language which Byron made reference to when speaking of the two realms of reality that he became aware of as truly existing: the common normal reality of wakeful states, and the unfathomable somnambulistic altered reality of oneiric states, in which the language of the ancient gods that a Keats had had access to in Hyperion is unbarred.
On the road, particularly long stretches of nothing but somnambulistic prairie lands, I want something with words, something to sing along to, something that is nostalgic.
He devises a series of intricate experiments to determine whether the phenomena he observes are truly the work of some supernatural being and not produced by his own deranged hand (perhaps acting unconsciously in somnambulistic trance or epileptic fit).
Comedian Mike Birbiglia winds up sadder but wiser in his largely autobiographical Sleepwalk with Me, in which the somnambulistic disorder, ever worsening, affects not only his health but also his career and girlfriend.
Without the questioning employees about the midlevel language, somnambulistic assumptions may keep the employees ignorant of actual meanings.
Meaghan was induced to a somnambulistic stage (6) of hypnosis, (Niehaus, 1998) and then provided with the following suggestions:
Deve Gowda jump out of his somnambulistic existence is itself surprising.
But in darkness, the somnambulistic Althorpe has become the unknown, the other, that caused him to fear for Miss Davis's safety.
But, the fact that Edgar also feels as if his consciousness was stripped of its "voluntary power" reveals that Edgar's sleepwalking state is even more severe than that described as somnambulistic by Darwin.
The somnambulistic hero in this drama gives us no key to his state of mind.
IV They moved about the floor, bumped and shoved, and bumping and shoving, somnambulistic and sometimes in step, during each short phase of hysterical music.
In Castera's Un viaje celeste (1872) the narrator in a somnambulistic state travels far and wide through the universe, meets inhabitants of other planets and eventually realizes that we are all citizens of the universe.
For instance, in an eerily somnambulistic moment, the audience (as in Reflective theatre) indirectly bears witness to the torching of the family house by vigilantes in the unidentified homeland when a childlike drawing of a house is set on fire.
They should be reminded constantly of the fact that my strips and their lives are invented situations that can be edited or rewrittennot accepted as in a somnambulistic trance.
The movements, variously sinuous, lively, somnambulistic, gymnastic and yogic, echoed that idea.