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someone who walks about in their sleep

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Cinderella's time is spent in a trance reminiscent of a somnambulist state or the state induced by Meyrink himself during his yoga practices: "[Ich] machte Nacht fur Nacht acht Stunden lang Asanaubungen (asiatische Sitzstellungen mit unterschlagenen Beinen), dabei den Atem anhaltend, bis ich Todesrutteln empfand" (Die Verwandlung des Blutes 82).
The 6-5 hotpot Somnambulist finished only third after trading at a low of 1.
Interestingly, Richard Schmidt points out that "Desiderio is the Italian word for wish, longing, desire; that is, it is the active form, not the passive one which the somnambulist Mary Anne gives as a translation of his name, calling him 'the desired one'" (57).
In more recent L-Vis collaborator Lafawndah, we're hearing a way out of R&B's post-Weeknd somnambulist slump through decisive sounds and a distinct lack of lethargy.
According to the somnambulist author of this spin, the reason for such a move of the Foundation Open Society Macedonia was "discontent with the development of events and the return of SDSM in the institutions".
Melodramatic adaptations of this plot in London included William Thomas Moncrieff's The Somnanbulist; or, the Phantom of the Village (Covent Garden, 19 February 1828), the anonymous The Spirit of the Hill; or, the Village Somnambulist (Surrey, 1 March 1828), and J.
It has really gone out of control, yet we have a somnambulist for a PNP chief, one who even tries to use statistics to deny the hard reality of rising criminality.
And now cometh this thoroughly mystifying reboot of the "Left Behind'' movies (called, simply, "Left Behind''), with an alarming bevy of blond beauties and Nicolas Cage at his most somnambulist.
I was living like a somnambulist in a conventional set life and he awakened the consciousness of my own proper self" (3).
As Tarde notes in the Laws of Imitation: "Both the somnambulist and the social man are possessed by the illusion that their ideas, all of which have been suggested to them, are spontaneous" (Tarde.
A Monkey B Dog C Parrot D Rat QUESTION 2 - for 2 points: What does a somnambulist do?
This may not actually be sleep as we know it, but rather it may be a signal that this client is what we call a somnambulist.
The Bulgarian somnambulist is the kind of footballer who will never chase a long pass or pass a chaise longue.
That is: discourse as probe, poetic technique used to wake up the somnambulist horde, to induce play in the ossified imaginations, to illuminate hidden configurations of things.