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walking by a person who is asleep

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Allegorical Slumber: Somnambulism and Salvation in Gustav Meyrink's The Golem.
4) However, the drug has been associated with NREM parasomnias, namely somnambulism or sleepwalking, and its variants including sleep-driving, sleep-related eating disorder, and rarely sexsomnia (sleep-sex), with anterograde amnesia for the event.
During this state of continuous, not single-mindedness, but one-side-mindedness, writing is manual somnambulism .
To those (we quote again from our author) who refuse to believe even in the first fundamental fact, of the production of the state commonly termed the Mesmeric somnambulism, by the process of the magnetic manipulation--a state of extraordinary sleep-walking, during which a peculiar relation, of either nervous or mental influence and connexion, exists between the active and the passive parties to the process--to these we have nothing to say.
Certainly, there was still space for the centenary of Marcel Proust, but the front page frequently featured Ceausescu, and, already at the end of September 1971, Aurel Baranga was calling for a 'True Art' that was 'militant and mobilising', attacking 'the philosophy of defeat and resignation, confected improvisations, poetry under the sign of moral somnambulism, theatre of savage violence': 'combatants in the service of a great epoch, we are called upon to create a great literature'.
Initially described as a variant of somnambulism it is now considered a disorder of arousal.
This description of catalepsy was first adopted in 1722 by Boerhave in Aphorismi, but afterwards it was associated with delirium and somnambulism by Hughlings Jackson.
Somnambulism and other magnetic states are marked by an "absence of intelligent and volitional personality" and "a state of passivity," where there is only "mere nominal consciousness, without any distinctions between subjective and objective, between intelligent personality and objective world.
It is more typically associated with nineteenth-century phenomena: for example, the fascination of literary writers for magnetic somnambulism, the transport of the senses, and other extraordinary states of the psyche; or the famous demonstrations carried out in the 1870s-80s by the clinician and neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot to recreate, under hypnosis, the various states of hysterical patients.
The Congress has been so removed from the reality of Indian aspirations, it is hard not to believe that the Gandhis, and by extension, the party, do not suffer from suicidal somnambulism.
Upon falling asleep, Lucy becomes susceptible to the power of Count Dracula, who induces her somnambulism in order to gain access to her, victimizing her and then transforming her into one of the "Un-Dead" (88, 162, 180).
In Tod Browning's 1931 version of Dracula, for example, while obeying the Count's orders to attack her own partner, Mina appears to experience a state of somnambulism and exhibits a complete eradication of her own will and memories.
uk STROLLING IN LAND OF NOD CAN STRIKE AT ANY TIME EXPERTS say sleepwalking - or somnambulism - is more common in children than adults.
For example, psychical research, spiritualism, somnambulism, philosophy and psychology all feature prominently in the scientific content used to put forward the book's argument even though these modes of investigation are not traditionally thought of as either brain science, neurology or rigid biological determinism in any straightforward sense.