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a waiter who manages wine service in a hotel or restaurant

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The other night, I had the privilege of attending a private dinner with master sommelier Darius Allyn and California Wine Institute director for Asia Christopher Beros.
A graduate of COD's Wine Appreciation and Knowledge certificate program, Kowal is now a professional sommelier, certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers, one of the most prestigious organizations in the wine industry.
Italy's Embassy of Italy, Roman Sommelier Association "Diwanamente Roma" and the National Wine Agency in the tasting of Georgian kvevri wines - "Everything Started" was held.
The kickoff ENOversity event in Chicago was a "Wine 101" course showcasing classic wines from regions from all over the world, says Mark Canak, ENO's sommelier and beverage director.
Working under the guidance of Bordeaux Wines UK wine sommeliers, the students from the college's hospitality and catering department served wine to festival attendees in the Wine School marquee.
Sonal Clare, restaurant manager and sommelier at Michelinstarred Purnell's, on Cornwall Street, has received the Best Sommelier award at the GQ Food and Drink Awards 2018.
From there he went to Intercontinental Park Lane working in the Cookbook Cafe as a Sommelier and at the Theo Randall - learning from some of the city's best Sommeliers, namely - Alex Arestides of the Cave Wine Bar and at Hakkasan under Olivier Gasselin, before joining Okku Dubai.
But what makes this set-up different is the boffins got a load of wines (Spanish, well he's called Xavier) and asked eight sommeliers to score them out of 10.
Stuckey holds wine classes for staff and guests at the Istituto Frasca Per II Vino, and occasionally proctors various exams for the Court of Master Sommeliers. Most important to Stuckey is being on the floor of Frasca where he can be of service to guests.
Another big trend that comes up in my conversations with the tea community is tea sommeliers. We're seeing a strong increase in people interested in becoming tea sommeliers as a full-time profession, and businesses looking at how they can highlight a tea sommelier in their operation.
The ambitious plans will see more Head of Steam pubs open across the North - and "beer sommeliers" introduced in its latest Norton pub and other locations.
NORTH East brewery Camerons is training its staff to become beer sommeliers to join a community of around 100 accredited beer experts around the world.
The world of wine is a competitive one and young sommeliers representing the nation once again tested their mettle in the 7th Cyprus Best Sommelier competition, organised by the Cyprus Sommelier Association and Association Sommellerie Internationale (ASI).
This annual competition, which is aimed at enhancing and recognising the calibre of local sommeliers and wine service staff, was launched in 2011 and has proved to be a resounding success.
Recently, a study of wine tasting pitted 10 of the top sommeliers from France and Switzerland against 10 novices.