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a waiter who manages wine service in a hotel or restaurant

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Too many of us are reluctant to speak to a waiter about anything other than food, or we hesitate to ask for the sommelier.
Co-owner Luc Roy announced they have entered into a licensing agreement with the owner of The Dock on Queen, to sell Sommelier de cafe/Old Rock coffee and tea.
From there he went to Intercontinental Park Lane working in the Cookbook Cafe as a Sommelier and at the Theo Randall - learning from some of the city's best Sommeliers, namely - Alex Arestides of the Cave Wine Bar and at Hakkasan under Olivier Gasselin, before joining Okku Dubai.
Katie, having passed her certified sommelier examination, is busy studying for her advanced ranking.
It's not hard to get wines for Faviken, it just takes a little planning," says Jonas Sandberg, head sommelier of Michelin three-star restaurant Faviken Magasinet.
Sheehan-Stross (shown above with Seth Box and Paige Pedersen of Moet & Chandon) was named the 2016 Best Young Sommelier at the awards ceremony and gala dinner at the Carriage House of the Charles Krug Winery in Napa, CA.
Alex Barlow, The Beer Academy's director of training said: "The Beer Academy is delighted to be working with Camerons with the objective of training a group of passionate Head of Steam bar managers up to Beer Sommelier level together - the first time such a program has been approached on this scale.
Not that long ago Sommelier was just a simple French word to many people, but now it has become a worldwide symbol of alcoholic beverage service -- backed by a high level of skills and an in-depth product knowledge.
After all, you both share the same passion for wine, and a good sommelier will always want to suggest the best style to suit your taste, and budget.
For the 2012 and 2013 school years, 60 percent of the 251 graduates in the schools' sommelier programs were women.
The teams were composed of four wine tasters, and each taster attempted to identify twelve different wines served up in Chef & Sommelier Arom'Up wine tasting glasses.
ALL-PARTY Parliamentary Beer Group's Beer Sommelier of the Year Sophie Atherton is the latest collaborator to brew with Cardiff brewer Brains.
She is only the fourth woman and the first beer sommelier from the Midlands.
Philip Osenton, who works in Beijing, said he learnt this art when he was head sommelier at the Ritz and the Savoy in London.
This year judges from 12 prestigious European culinary and sommelier association ranked Shan Food's 'Taest salt' as the winner for the award.