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one of a series of similar body segments into which some animals are divided longitudinally


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Abdomen of six somites and telson free, that of female wide, long, that of male narrow at base, tapering from third to sixth somite which has lateral margins concaves, telson laterally expanded, wider than somite six.
MRKH syndrome has been attributed to an initial affection of the intermediate mesoderm, consequently leading to an alteration of the blastema of the cervicothoracic somites and pronephric ducts (4,12).
The similar deactivation of the sonic hedgehog expression was also found in the 4-12 somite period of human embryos.
aureus into the muscles of the fifth somite rostral from the cloaca, the number of neutrophils accumulated at the bacterial injection site at 2 hours post infection (hpi) was similar: 25.
Valproic acid-induced somite teratogenesis in the chick embryo: relationship with Pax- 1 gene expression.
001 CL, carapace length; S5W, 5th abdominal somite width; S5L, 5th abdominal somite length; S6W, 6th abdominal somite width: S6L, 6th abdominal somite length.
This action suggests that sound production occurred by rubbing the narrow posterior edges of the somite exoskeleton against the anterior edges of the other somite exoskeleton.
Their topics are catastrophe theory, pattern formation, differential adhesion and morphogenesis, the origins of movement, chemotaxis, cell proliferation, somite formation in vertebrates, compartments, and segmentation of insect embryos.
Noggin mediated antagonism of BMP signaling is required for growth and patterning of the neural tube and somite.
The sequence of the zoeal description is based on the malacostracan somite plan and described from anterior to posterior.
It is almost impossible to isolate developmental structures such as somite and notochord in human to study their functions in vitro.
8) classified their 53 cases of the MRKH syndrome in three recognized subtypes: typical, atypical, and MURCS (Mullerian duct aplasia, renal aplasia, and cervicothoracic somite dysplasia).