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in some unspecified way or manner

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Schulz added that supervisors now have unprecedented insight into the accounting practises of banks, which is expected to go someway to restoring trust in the Euro zone's financial system.
Martino insisted that his compatriot looks in fine shape, but is still someway short of being fully match fit.
The funding goes someway to supporting the council's scheme of supporting grass pitches for community football teams and encouraging more people to get involved in the game.
Suits (Dave, Thursday, 9pm) | FOR those who even to this day have an Ally McBeal-shaped hole in their heart (dry-humoured legal dramas tend to be few and far between after all), Suits goes someway to filling it.
The 200 million milestone has been reached in just under six-and-a-half years and comes nine months after the website announced that it had 140 million monthly users, which goes to show Twitter's growth is accelerating, although it remains someway behind Facebook's one billion active monthly users.
If we can then produce a team that goes someway to filling the stadium then I''d be ecstatic.
Despite repeated calls that road investment is vital for the economy the hard facts are that until we start using rail a lot more and have light rail systems in Cardiff, Newport and Swansea the chances are that our economy will remain someway behind the better ones in Western Europe.
Leaders of such nongovernmental organization find their way in some of the political parties and this is in someway presents misuse of the position a nongovernmental sector representative.
We hope our target of pounds 20,000 will go someway to helping to fund the new 'hybrid' cardiac theatre unit at the hospital.
The Frenchman - now in his 14th season with the Gunners - has someway to go to catch Ferguson, with 527 Premier League games to date, and paid tribute to the United manager.
Friends of the couple - who also have 10-year-old daughter Ella Bleu - are confident the new addition to the family can go someway towards easing their pain over the loss of their son.
The tentative recovery in the European economy has gone someway to underpin the stability of the European infrastructure industry.
89sec, which is slightly better than his average but someway shy of the 26.
I'd like to honor Heath's dad someway, and I don't know how.
His life turns ever more chaotic, as his ex-girlfriend throws a malpractice suit at him, and the bureaucracy of the system may send Pomeroy to the poor house if he doesn't find someway to defend himself from the system.