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one that exists independently

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The kitchen sink drama is interesting right now because we've got so many things going on politically, and it's nice to focus on something a little bit more intimate,'' Watts reckons.
The Rule of Benedict taught that we were to fast during Lent, true, but added that we were also to "add to the usual measure of our service something by way of private prayer" and "holy reading and almsgiving.
I want people to take a fresh look and see something that's current, relevant, fascinating, and thought provoking.
Yet, as I began attending Mass in the parishes in my neighbourhood, as well as in other areas of the city, I found something that surprised me.
I sometimes struggle as well, trying to say something new or fresh, trying to find something new in the text to share.
Writing lyrics is a pain in the ass; something we just have to do.
This is going to be one of the biggest leadership challenges these employers are ever going to face: Creating the conditions that will allow those who are still with the company to feel that doing something extraordinary isn't going to just have them deposited on the dustbin like those with whom they once worked.
I found that my playing improved by leaps and bounds when I worked with a specified technical regime, something that I played every day, with variations.
At this point I'm exhausted, but it's been wonderful--it is real beauty that we work for, which is to say bringing everybody together in order to make something beautiful.
MARCH Something you've been wishing for--a puppy, not having to share a room with your part of your real world.
Dante: It's a funny thing when you love something you are terrified of (frogs), but Dante faced his fear and became a fearless frog hunter.
For materials, I had to make sure that I used something that was not uncomfortable to wear in hot weather and something that would be durable whether you are bringing your bag to the beach or using it on a daily basis.
Q: Name something that flies that doesn't have an engine.
It's enough to make one a permanent skeptic, much like a CEO I knew at a very successful insurance firm: "I'll try something new," I once heard him say, "if someone can show me a half-dozen other firms that have tried it and made more money by doing it.
But it is saying that, while the shirt may be attractive, something about it announces that the wearer is Different, and not in a positive way.