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Synonyms for somersault

an acrobatic feat in which the feet roll over the head (either forward or backward) and return

do a somersault

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Yet it appeared that King Lear, after deep meditation, could think of no other argument by which to prove his kingship: and, as this was the last of the 'Bits' of Shakespeare ("We never do more than three," Sylvie explained in a whisper), Bruno gave the audience quite a long series of somersaults before he finally retired, leaving the enraptured Frogs all crying out "More
Newman looked at her; he felt a little dizzy; for the moment he seemed to be turning his somersault again.
We went with a back somersault down the front steps.
It was a prostrate man face downward upon the ground, the head doubled under him at a horrible angle, the shoulders rounded and the body hunched together as if in the act of throwing a somersault.
he's to He with somersaults Diane, 36, of Wardley, Gateshead, also mum to seven-year-old son Sam, said: "It was when he was out and about with nana that he came across trampolining.
The First Lady challenged the NASA astronaut, saying "GimmeFive zero gravity somersaults.
There was a tremendous buzz at the Plymouth Life Centre yesterday as Daley, the Olympic 10-metre platform bronze medallist, unveiled his new twister dive - a forward threeand-a-half somersaults with one twist pike - which no one had performed before.
PETER Biaksangzuala's somersaults after scoring a goal in a Mizoram Premier League (MPL) match was meant to celebrate his equalising goal for his club, but tragically it turned out to be the cause of his death on Sunday.
Both events were aweinspiring and saw tumblers from the region involved in non-stop action with high-flying somersaults and twists.
Joe's voluntary routine included two double somersaults that gave him a tariff of seven.
He Zi started well at the Montjuic pool with its views of the Catalan capital by performing an inward pike with 1 1/2 somersaults to lead by more than three points from Cagnotto and Wang.
Fortunately for the crowd though, the judges marked his reverse three-and-a-half somersaults with 8.
A pair of errors, most notably on their reverse three-and-a-half somersaults dive which dropped them out of the podium places, cost them dear as teenage Chinese pairing Cao Yuan and Zhang Yanquan claimed victory.
Not one, but two somersaults, as Chapman performed Tuesday night when he clinched a 4-3 Reds win against the Milwaukee Brewers before high-fiving catcher Ryan Hanigan.
The track, which can cost up to pounds 5,000, provides gymnasts with a better surface to perform somersaults on.