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Synonyms for somersault

an acrobatic feat in which the feet roll over the head (either forward or backward) and return

do a somersault

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His car flew through the air and somersaulted before landing on its side on the opposite carriageway - thankfully missing oncoming vehicles.
NIn April this year Andrey Bezruchenko, 36, of the Moscow State Circus completed the longest somersault from one trampoline to another - an amazing 4m 52cm between the trampolines - then somersaulted again before making a clean landing.
A TEENAGE driver was killed and his four friends injured when their car somersaulted off a country road.
Phillipps, who competed in the British team in last year's World Equestrian Games, died after her horse hit a fence, somersaulted and landed on top of her.
Another said: "The BMW somersaulted and landed in the garden.
Patricia Ross died when her car crashed into a wall and somersaulted on to its roof.