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Synonyms for somehow

one way or another


Synonyms for somehow

in some unspecified way or manner

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I judged she had somehow failed to get the first innings -- I mean in the conversation; otherwise the interview wouldn't have been so short.
You don't seem to know anything, somehow -- perfect saphead.
You're not good looking every day," insisted Emma Jane; "but you're different somehow.
She felt somehow that everybody who knew the moor must know Dickon.
All knew that this interest was, somehow, the cause of the war.
It had seemed to me fairly clear before I fell asleep; and when I first awoke, fresh from my dream, it had appeared as patent as Arithmetic; but somehow it did not seem to me quite so obvious now.
Even now, so many years later, all this is somehow a very evil memory.
Yet somehow you seemed to be threatening me with your tiny finger.
The true proposition, however, is in no way the cause of the being of the man, but the fact of the man's being does seem somehow to be the cause of the truth of the proposition, for the truth or falsity of the proposition depends on the fact of the man's being or not being.
And yet, somehow, nothing ever seems to go right in this ship.
Somehow I feel drawn towards the pen; on many and many an evening I have had nothing else in the world to do.
Indeed Therese did somehow resemble an achievement, wonderful enough in its way, in unglazed earthenware.
They were cold, these marble squares of his youth; but HE somehow was not, in this rich return of consciousness - the most wonderful hour, little by little, that he had ever known, leaving him, as it did, so gratefully, so abysmally passive, and yet as with a treasure of intelligence waiting all round him for quiet appropriation; dissolved, he might call it, in the air of the place and producing the golden glow of a late autumn afternoon.
But for this, the avenue had the usual appearance of the entrance to a gentleman's grounds; and, being so curved that the house was now out of sight, somehow looked a much larger park than any plantation on such an island could really be.
They were not aware that, at these words, salt, stinging tears trickled down upon Tess's pillow anew, and how she resolved, with a bursting heart, to tell all her history to Angel Clare, despite her mother's command--to let him for whom she lived and breathed despise her if he would, and her mother regard her as a fool, rather then preserve a silence which might be deemed a treachery to him, and which somehow seemed a wrong to these.