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I hope that someday we will get better - that we will stop dividing and classifying.
Beaten a half-length by subsequent Grade 1 winning novice hurdler Cilaos Emery on his debut at last year's Punchestown Festival, Someday reappeared to land a Leopardstown bumper in February, beating Voix Des Tiep, with the third 16 lengths away.
In Someday Is Now, a major retrospective exhibition and catalogue, curators Ian Berry and Michael Duncan document the creative life and artistic output of Corita Kent and bring it to life for contemporary audiences.
Now children can get a feeling for what Antarctica is like with Ruby Koerper's "Antarctica: A Someday Book".
Thank you very much for your recent posting of Someday Farm vegan bed and breakfast on your website.
New York, June 16 ( ANI ): 8 in 10 men say that they have always wanted to become dads or think they'd like to be one someday, a new survey suggests.
Summary: Justin Bieber's women's fragrance Someday has won the Consumers' Choice category at the Fifi Awards in New York.
Nevertheless, Clarke said he believes the airport's new terminal, opening in April, will house two airlines someday .
The Cypriot government's loss of international capital market access has increased the likelihood that the government will need to seek emergency funding from official sources, which in turn increases the likelihood that private sector creditors to Cyprus may someday be asked to participate in a burden sharing arrangement, as have Greek private sector creditors," Moody's says in its unpublished report dated November 9, obtained by the Sunday Mail.
The Someday Funnies (Abrams ComicArts) chronicles the long, strange trip of this weird, subversive collection--a comic history of the '60s commissioned by Rolling Stone in the early '70s.
Late in 2009, I ran in and completed a marathon and decided that someday had come," Sergeant Staffeld said.
With just one spray of Someday, the girl is whisked away into Bieber-land, where she and Justin hold hands, hug, and cuddle while floating in the sky.
A complex sugar may someday become part of a diagnostic test to stop the spread of cholera.
Someday we will meet again, someday we don't know when, to hold your hand in a better land, never to part again.
Someday a fleet of microscopes will capture every neuron and every synapse in a vast database of images.