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Synonyms for somebody

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Synonyms for somebody

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Synonyms for somebody

a human being

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My day can change in a heartbeat here, my week can change in a heartbeat because somebody gets injured.
"Somebody Cares has now been using these buildings for almost nine years and as our existing planning permission has now run out, new permission is being sought from Aberdeen City Council to allow us to continue what we do.
If you steal somebody man, don't forget that somebody will steal it from you too-God na like ugly.
When somebody say they got a private jet, I say 'Me too, I got two, me too.'" The reporter tried to elaborate but Mayweather was having none of it.
The President said somebody would have to assure the North Korean leader that that the West and its allies in the region would not threaten him or plan to oust him from power.
"We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies."
28% had seen somebody give bribes to an official who provides electricity connection, 27% had seen somebody negotiate with the official to avoid paying bills, 26% had seen somebody sabotage the electricity meter and 31% had witnessed other illegal activity to steal electricity, according to press statement issued on Tuesday by Gall-up Pakistan.
"How to Choose Love When You Just Want to Slap Somebody" uses humor, real-life stories, and exercises to help you understand where you get stuck, and to help you understand how to get unstuck by consciously connecting to the energy of love.
When somebody is appointed and starts doing bad things, nobody would come and say anything, but as soon as the person is kicked-out, then they start saying we knew this was going to happen.
"When I grew up in the world of finance I was always lucky that I had a great mentor, somebody I could go to and ask 'What do you think?' "We are missing that on our board in football terms.
Set in small-town Arkansas during the second half of the twentieth century, Where Somebody Waits is a novel about the toll of illicit love.
The problem with us wishing and hoping to be somebody else distracts us from actually taking action to become the person that we want to be.
| O: "Right, and what makes you think the daughter's been kidnapped?" | VJ: "She's gone off in a car with somebody, somebody's picked her up in a car or something." | O: "What's the name of your daughter, can I take the name?" | VJ: "She's not my daughter, it's my friend's daughter, she's gone panicking, looking."
Somebody else had just arrived and also called and was told that they were being caught because there was swine flu!
Houston, TX, January 10, 2013 --( Somebody's Mother's Chocolate Sauce will debut three new dessert sauces at the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade's 38th Winter Fancy Food Show, said company founder and president Lynn Lasher.
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