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any of various alternatives


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A well-written proposal, report, technical document, request for resources, or some other document will get you noticed and put you in demand.
Downward comparisons are a cognitive coping mechanism where people compare themselves to less-fortunate others in order to make them feel better about their own situation ("although my situation is/was bad, at least it's not as bad as some other situations").
We recognize that maiming and other forms of torture violate humane standards of decency in criminal justice and for this reason, unlike some other countries, we do not permit even heinous crimes to be so punished.
Frequently in our lives we choose to sacrifice one good for the sake of some other good that is either a higher good or one more necessary in our particular situation.
While the Social Security disability hearing process takes great care to include "all" vocationally relevant data, this is not the case for some other arenas.
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