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in a somber manner


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Not very much, I suspect, with the cast sombrely delivering lines about trust, human frailty and the horrors of relationships while starring broodily into the middle distance.
Pistorius, dressed in a black suit and tie, stood sombrely in the dock as Masipa read out the order before postponing the case to June 30.
While the defendants waved at their families in the courtroom, their relatives seemed tense as they looked back at them sombrely.
I have spoken to men who - secretly, but sombrely - have told me that the memory of a particular pass (not even a goal) makes them as emotional as remembering the birth of their own child.
And - more sombrely - how close are we to ecological catastrophe due to human abuse?
He recounted with dignity the loss of lives, he proudly stated our daily wins, and sombrely noted the casualties.
Second, the apparition will loom sombrely down on the city's main shopping thoroughfare.
The coffins had first been driven one by one in a hearse to the family home before they were sombrely borne to Our Lady Star of the Sea.
While sports stars, past and present, arrived sombrely to pay their respects to Alan and his family at the service in Winchester Cathedral, McClaren rolled up laughing and looking for all the world like he was off to the pub for a few pints with the lads.
Although the denser textures of the finale seem to deaden a little of this vitality, when the Lento's militaristic central section cuts sombrely into the romantic wash of sound that grows out of the oboe's long, introductory melody, it is as vivid as the faster movements.
Stefan Ceder for his broadly painted and sombrely expressive landscapes.
Not that it was an afternoon for celebrations as Anfield sombrely marked the tenth anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster which had happened on April 15, 1989.
The Czech Republic have scored," he announced sombrely and a minuter later David Silva netted for Spain.
The world is at war," sombrely announces a TV news report.
England hasn't beaten Germany in a World Cup for 44 years a" the commentators sombrely said.